I never heard of the Prince of Persia franchise until this game came out,Im sad I didnt know sooner,I love this game.

User Rating: 10 | Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time PS2
Where do I start?How do you talk about a game that is absolutely perfect and do it justice?I guess I'll have to try my best. The opening movie of this video draws you into the game instantly.The prince is seen running in a forest of trees while a battle is taking place elsewhere.From there it gets even more interesting.The prince is seen waking up on the floor of a partiallly destroyed palace ,in front of him,soldiers ramming a palace door down.

Gameplay : First off the story is very well formed.The games' platforming is incredibly tight,doing a wall run is as easy as holding a button down.Combat is the treat of this game as it is not seen often,but when it happens,oh is it sweet!All abilities of fighting are given out at the start of the game.The only thing you have to do is figure them out.Most of the technuiqes are standard,but a few are quite action movie es-que.The fights that can happen are insane.Once i jumped over an enemies sword backfiipped past his sword hit then was knocked of the edge of the cliff,pull myself up,then jumped over him and stabbed him into the dagger of time.Not only that,but you can get new powers for the dagger of time.The meat of the games is puzzle solving,sometimes its figuring out when to time the wall run and jumps,or just moving mirrors around to get a sword.My Personal Favorite part was teaming up with Farah,the bow-wielding vixen.She can provide you with back-up fire power,in some much needed situations.The only downside is having to watch her health as well as hers.

Graphics : The games graphics are standard compared to other last- gen titles.The stand out for it is the cloth physics.Even better as the prince goes through the story,his clothes become covered in sand.and when the game was released the prince had the most animations in a videogame.

Sound : the game is provided in Dolby Digital surround sound.All of it lives up to the expectations.The footsteps in water,sand,or in a palace everything is top-notch.The music truely fits seeing as this game is set in midevil persia.