A Brilliant Story Line and Game Dude!

User Rating: 8 | Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time PS2
The Title Prince of Persia has been done a couple times in the past. It was never a big hit, it was just a lame copy of Aladin to most people. Well this time its a totally different Game. This game has evolved in so many ways that its pretty scary. The story is Perfect, and gameplay is marvelous. But there are certian flaws that really hurt the game itself...
You start off in the middle of a huge invasion. Your Main goal is to get the mysterious Dagger of Time Which can Alter time itself. The Prince retrieves the dagger to present it to his father not knowing much about the Dagger. When the prince presents this gift, an Evil Vizeir tries to be tricky and tells the prince that if he enters the dagger into the ancient Sands of Time, that his kingdom will be blessed for eternity..something like that...When the Prince enters his Dagger Into the Sands of Time instead of Blessings a Horrible curse is spread to everyone. Making them vicious Sand Creatures.... After that The Real Game Begins.
The Prince is pretty Agile. He ran Run up walls,Roll, Flip, and many other things your ordinary Dude cant do.He Dual Wields a sword and the dagger of Time the whole game. The COmbo system is a bit of a dissapointment...Because there really is NO combo system...You just Vault over the enemy press a Button Twice over and over, and a slash button. This seems like it would make Battle easy but its not. There are some slight alterations that you need to make in your moves to defeat enemies.The Unqiue thing about this game is the Dagger of Time...It can literally rewind, slow down, and speed up Time. Which can save your butt. But its powers are limited and you need to get Sand to Fill its Power up.
Enemies are Average in Battle. One Dissapointing thing is that there are only 2 bosses in the entire game..... Which is a major dissapointment..Fighting just regular enemies gets to repetitive...One BIG flaw is that if you pay attention closely this whole game is just a big puzzle....Just about every level is either getting to the top of a tower or getting out of a room......That decreases enjoyment of gameplay very much..
Overall this game is a true Marvel. Its truely worth your time if you want something to keep you busy for a while.
~ ..::The_Beach_Bumb::..~