I can't even think of anything smart-a$$ witty to say about this terrible game.

User Rating: 2 | Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands PC
Such high scores for this game from my fellow gamespot brethren finally tricked me. Come on people.

The story - none. Play the 2008 version instead, or play the Two Thrones if the old graphics don't bother you too much.
The gameplay premise - hack and slash. Easy acrobatics, no patience, balance or wits required. Just similar, tedious crawling around and climbing walls - no cinematic reward involved at all. The dead enemies vanish into the thin air. It looks like this game has been so watered down that a 7 year old could beat it easily. I felt embarrassed playing the game.

I actually remember slaving over the original NES version that came out in early 90's. Now that was a game with ball$. The trial and error involved in that game was astonishing. The amount of meticulous thinking and pinpoint precision on an 8-bit screen required some major respect. The trial and error in this game can be rectified by rewinding yourself and not having to pay the consequences for your mistakes. I wish I could rewind myself from buying this game. Anyone got a magical time dagger I could use? I'm sure there's one on e-bay. maybe I could rewind myself back into nonexistence.

You can easily take on 20-30 enemies and slash them. No tactics required, no blocking of parrying their strikes. The upgrades sort of rectify the situation especially when stronger enemies come in, but I was still terribly bored fighting enemies. Perhaps if they added more gore then I'd be more interested, but that's just me. I just think that the game is way too Disnayish. But at least this game had the decency to put a semi Persian-Caucasian looking guy for the main character. But that's another story.

Anyway. $ 50? take your girlfriend out instead.