It will always be a debatable issue just how good this game is.

User Rating: 8.5 | Prince of Persia PC
Now,as you would have noticed,this Prince Of Persia title takes a break from the regular story line,and branches out into a brand new narration of a brand new story,often leaning on the original.
The very first thing I need to point out is this game is crazy easy. You'll almost never get stuck anywhere for more than half an hour max. Be it the puzzles,however little they are in the game,or the boss fights. This is a major drawback of this game,but one can argue that it is this very fact that will attract you into playing this - absolute smooth flowing progress.
One more thing that will surely attract you is the absolutely terrific presentation and superior animation. Never have any of the PoP titles looked so lively,so well brought out. The comic style graphics with omni-presentation animations will be a sight for expected eyes,who will find this to be the strongest feature of this game.
Story,sounds go hand-in-hand,both very satisfactory.The plot reveals just the right amount each time you reveal something.
The new level mechanics and fighting system will be a refreshing change for the series veterans,though again,it will seem a bit too easy.
Overall,I'd recommend this game for the sheer unadulterated joy it brings in playing it, be it for the new style,or Elika's charms,or maybe Princes' nature,which pretty much remains the same in terms of its impulsiveness.