The best Prince of Persia game made so far, really enjoyed this one. I loved it!

User Rating: 9 | Prince of Persia PC
Wonderful game from start to finish. love the previous titles in the series, but this one set's the bar even higher. Its very different from them, but its just so much better in near every aspect. The best thing I can think of in the game is its graphics ,the visual were very pleasant to look at and I did admire the game for that. The music and sound was pretty nice and enjoyable. The enemies was really a total "let down" a few hits and a combo from Elika and they are dead.the voice acting in the game was funny at times and nice to follow as the story unfolds. I like the wall running and the jumping over steep drops off the mountain sides. The environment was very nice looking and had a dreamy like atmosphere added to it.There was no real replay value in this game just pick a different costume on your prince and Elika and you can choose which direction to start your journey to "heal the fertile lands".

Great game overall, BUY IT!

Really hope there's a sequel