Was it worth it!?

User Rating: 6 | Prince of Persia PC
well i played this game long time back , but seriously as i am a big fan of PoP series, i did`nt actually liked this game at all
The reason being that, it lacks alot of things, lack in action , lacs in fighting techniques , the game duration was low, the bosses fight are easier. No puzzle solving. and the old childish cartoonist graphics, which vernt necessary at all.
i didnt like it , but children of age -12 will like it , if they are into cartoon fighting.
i would recommend people to carry on with pop3 or popww as these were the best to come out , we are not sure what is there to come in the next version of pop, but it should be good like before.
TO me it was waste of my money, and my time , should have bought something else.
Hope the makers thinks positive and make some attractive games like before
cant wait to get my hand on the new one, only of its Look attractive!