Great game. No doubt about it.

User Rating: 10 | Prince of Persia PS3
I am a big fan of POP and I played them all and i must say I found this game a little different from what I played in the past. Firstly the graphics. It's a cartoon instead. But the characters move in such a manner that you can't stop playing it. The story is like that: the prince joins Elika, a princess, to fight Corruption brought to this land by a deamon, Ahriman. Well, in order to do that you have to unlock four powers and to unlock them you must gather as many light seeds as possible. The powers help you to fly, to run on walls, to jump large amounts of distances. There's a little RPG style here, but I liked it. I never played a game where you don't actually die. You're saved by your beautiful companion, Elika. Basically you have four areas you must purify and in each area you have to beat one boss: the Alchemist, the Concubine, the Hunter and the Warrior. And the final boss battle where tyou have to defeat Ahriman himself. In the end you can choose to save the world (after having defeated Ahriman) or to save Elika like a good loverboy that you are. An unforgettable game. PC review, not Playstation.