Primordia Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Code Effect
    An easy solution to an impossible problem Knotcutter
    That hit the spot. But for how much longer? Charged up
    Find the hidden tape deck Keeping it reel
    Wake a slumbering giant Defragmented
    Use brawn instead of brains Call me David
    Look at all the sensor coordinates Peeping tom
    Pass Ever-Faithful's test on the first try Robotmitzvah
    Train Crispin for his big date Wingman
    Clean two gears using different methods Gear head
    Pass a legal test on the first try Lawyer robot hero
    Find every entry in the information kiosk Know it all
    Find Memento Moribuilt Ghost whisperer
    Help a lost pilgrim find his way KEEPINGTHEFAITH
    Change Factotum's mind Melted heart
    Reunite Surly Company Three musketeers
    Unlock the courthouse Gone courting
    Unlock Horatio's past Smells of rotten custard
    Unlock the tower door, without outside help Open sesame
    Get help from a new friend Machina ex Machina
    Victory at what cost? Sacrifice
    Use technology to do the impossible Needle in a haystack
    Stop Scraper once and for all I told you to stop
    She pushed you too far Not bluffing
    Resort to blackmail, and emerge the victor Too much power
    Fulfill your true mission Thanatos
    Take a leap of faith I always wanted to fly. . .
    Join your foe for the greater good Resistance is futile
    Stay true to yourself Live free or die
    Finish the game with all possible robots. We're all in this together

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Walkthroughs & FAQs

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