Dinosaur brutality at its finest. You want an awesome dinosaur fighting game? Than look no futher. Primal Rage is it.

User Rating: 8.8 | Primal Rage SNES
Story: This game actually has a story to it. A fighting game with a story, who knew. The story is: A meteor struck the Earth, and caused great chaos. Seven gods from ancient times awoke, and are now attempting to take control of the post-apocalyptic world. These seven gods are giant dinosaurs and apes which is pretty cool. Now, as one of these crazy blood thirsty monsters, you are set out to conquer the Earth. The story is pretty good in my opinion.

Gameplay: This fighting game is unlike any other fighting game you'll ever play. I say that because you get to fight as dinosaurs and giant apes, how cool is that ? In this game you play as one of seven dinossaurs/apes (five dinosaurs and 2 apes to be exact). You can either play as Diablo, a hellish looking T-rex, Blizzard, a cold blooded killer ape, Sauron, a crazy telepathic T-rex, Talon, a crazy fast and deadly raptor, Vertigo, the poisonous long necked dino, Chaos, a crazy King kong like ape, and Armadon, a vicious crazy triceratops. Well, just like any other fighting game you got your basic moves like you got your high and low attacks. But, instead of punching and kicking like humans do, in Primal Rage you get to tail whip, bite, slash with your claws, and kick slash with your claws too. Mixing some of those moves up add up to some deadly combos. If you do these fast enough you can make your enemy brain dead for a couple of seconds which means they can't move and it's your chance to get more attacks on your opponent which is very helpful. Each character has there own special moves like Blizzard has his Ice breath attack, and Chaos with his weird fart bubble attack which is weird but cool, Sauron has his telekinetic force field, Diablo has his fireball attack which is pretty rad and those are just some of the cool special moves you can pull off. After you have beaten your opponent in two rounds, you can choose to humilliate them by performing a finishing move on them. (like a fatality on mortal kombat). For example, Sauron's Crusher, he just jumps really high in the air and then he just stomps on corpse and turns it into mushy guts. It's a pretty awesome finishing move. Primal Rage has a 2-player versus mode which is pretty fun to whoop your friends at.

Graphics: The graphics look great with it's awesome looking levels like Diablo's level that has the raging volcano is nice to look at as is Armadon's cave level which looks too cool. The dinosaurs/apes themselves just look fantastic. Blood spraying out of your opponent and yourself is just plain brutal and awesome to look at as is watching your opponents heart explode when you just beaten him.

Sound: The music in the game is interesting with its tribal tunes and whatnot. In other words the music is just great ear candy. The roar and yelps of the dinos/apes sound outstanding.

Replay Value: This is one of those fighters that you come back to in like a week or so. The 2-player versus mode well definetly bring you back as well as the single player. All in all it's a great fighting game that should be played from time to time.