1 vs. 1 game and a really good one

User Rating: 8.2 | Primal Rage GEN
This game has some great class. While the selection of characters is limited there are territories you need to fight for to take over and gain believers. Monkeys and Dinosaurs are the main characters you fight with and against.

Gameplay: One vs. one like Mortal Kombat, many moves and exploding hearts make this game great. There is also a meter that shrinks after you take a hit and if it is reduced to zero you are stunned for a few seconds.

Graphics: Very good graphics, good details on characters and people jumping up and down in backround. Blood shows good to.

Sound: Rowr's and Urrg's sound really good in this game. Value: I strongly recommend you look for this game in an online store, its worth every dollar you spend on it.