A fighting game that showed the first REAL violence.

User Rating: 9 | Primal Rage SNES
I loved this game when I owned it on the Super Nintendo. It's about the world changing into where humans fall into primitive ways. Then, giant monsters rise from the Earth to claim what is theirs. I personally thought it was really cool that you could control one of these 'gods' and fall into a battle for control of the world. You have the raptor, Talon, the snake-like beast, Vertigo, and the snow-covered ape, Blizzard, and much more, battling it out to become the only 'god'. The graphics were great and the music may not have been that good, but it did stick to the feeling of Primal Rage. When you filled your enemy, their health bar will fall towards a beating heart in the corner that will actually beat faster as you take more damage. When the monster is killed, the heart bursts in a bloody gory scene as the 'god' falls dead before his followers. Speaking of followers, some of them will run into the battlefield from off screen to try their futile efforts to take you down but if you devour them or crush them, you will gain health. Every monster has his own strength and weakness, like the armored dinosaur, Armagedon, is slow, but really packs the damage. Vertigo has a cobra-like head so he has a far range, but is fairly weak in health. The game is really fun and what's cool is that there is no Game Over, you just choose another monster from the selection screen when you die and you'll soon be slaughtering 'gods'. The sound effects are excellent and bloody. I loved Primal Rage, I just hope that they make a remake soon. I want to rip apart monsters as Talon again.