Primal Fears Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Code Effect
    Kill 10000 creatures 10000 Kills
    Kill 15000 creatures 15000 Kills
    Finish the map Suburb Suburb
    Finish the map Police Station Police Station
    Finish the map Sewer Sewer
    Finish the map Laboratory - Secret Entrance Laboratory - Secret Entrance
    Finish the map Laboratory Laboratory
    Finish all missions in easy Easy
    Finish all missions in normal Normal
    Finish all missions in hard Hard
    Finish all missions in insane Insane
    Pickup 100 moneypacks Moneypacks
    Find 12 different newspapers News 12
    Find all newspapers News 21
    Kill 5000 creatures 5000 Kills
    Finish the map Mall Mall
    Find five different newspapers News 5
    Finish a mission in difficulty hard without being killed Still Alive!
    Purchase all weapons in the campaign All Weapons
    Kill 1000 creatures 1000 Kills
    Bonus multiplier reached 200 Bonus 200
    Finish a mission within time limit Time Limit
    Finish the map Hospital Hospital
    Kill 100 creatures 100 Kills
    Bonus multiplier reached 100 Bonus 100
    Bonus multiplier reached 50 Bonus 50
    Kill 10 creatures 10 Kills
    Find one newspaper News
    Bonus multiplier reached 10 Bonus 10

    Contributed by: Guard Master