Hella Fun!

This was a really fun game. I enjoyed this game because i love fps and I loved the first one. The online in this game was really fun to play on. When I first got this game and my online thats all i was doing was playing online. Now there are not too many people playing COD2 but if there were a lot of people I would start playing again. The maps were great and the weapons. One problem was connecting with other people thats the only thing that set this game back to a 9 for me. If they fixed the online then it would have gotten a 10. The single player wasn't that great. I did like the characters and the game play. I wish they would have put in the same levels as the 360 though. I remember playing the demo on 360 and expecting the same levels on ps2 but i was wrong. Another problem but it was still good. Plus I would have liked it if they pulled out the health bar and put in the regenerate health thing. A lot of people would have liked that!