Way to go 2k6, you basically blew away the competition, If there was even any to begin with.

Where do i start?! Well i could say that it is the best basketball title of the year. Yeah, that sounds about right. Anyways, NBA 2K6 is easily the best video game in its genre this year. comes at a great cost, and its a great game. 2k6 is chock-full of content, and is a fun game to play. You could seriously sit down and play one game and be hooked to this game. The only thing that bugged me about this year's edition from Visual Concepts is that of the new controls. Since they differ from last yer's game., i still think the difficulty of this game is just right. yet, the learning curve went way up for me on my ratings in this review due to the fact that it does take some getting used to. Which i understand. All-in all, the new shot-stick, association, and dual-player controls make Nba 2K6 the best basketball game, and even the best sports game for me, this year.