Fun game,stealth cloak makes it awesome,all the gagets that you get to play with

User Rating: 9 | Predator: Concrete Jungle PS2
This is game is just amazing,it is fun,the missions are interesting,variety of enemies,weapons....Bonus stuff for missions is also fun becouse you actually play to achieve something...The extra costumes are awesome,the graphics are great (for the ps2),You can roam-free on some missions and then later to the objetives which is great.You have all the cool gagets to use.The controls aren't hard at all once you get use to it (about 30 mins Top).THe 3 awesome visions in your suit makes it easier for you to play.The combat is good with the executions you can perform on your prey.The fact that you are actually playing with the predator is cool,the story is ....well interesting.Some missions can be hard but thats not something we cant deal with.The first person mode makes it a lot easier with great distance.The sound effects are awesome!!!

Overall:It's fun,some little details make it especially interesting