game freak finally shows new effort reviving this series.

pokemon has always been a big deal. it started off with lots of hype and people scratching their head, but they recovered soon enough to buy the game in mass amounts. the series has been around long after its not been considered cool but those who denounced it also picked it up regardless. if not, the huge amount of sales would not exist. with the intro done and over with, lets start the review......

graphics - the whole game has received a graphical update and it looks rather well, albeit a little too familar, but it works. the effects in battle are still the same small graphical movement combined with fire water, etc. thing thats been going on but a little bit more elaborate at times. sound - the sound in this game is reallllly familar. like verrrry familar, however they do update the music in a sufficent way, but why cant some of the battle sounds have been upgraded?! pikachu still sounds exactly the same as he always has but with the power of the ds this just isnt necessary. controls - the touch screen controls arent really used for much but a few poeketch applications. the rest is used just as the same as the entires series. gameplay - the gameplay is also very familar but the same type macthing system has been used once again to great effect and is still just as fun as ever. playing with friends over the wfc is easy once you have the friend code and the voice chat is clear and easy and very good with the ds headset, but you dont need the headset to voice chat. replay value - the game SHINES in this aspect. the number of things you can do is amazing. joining in contests, baking poffins, playing online, diggin around underground, going on walks with the cuter pokemon, all of them have benefits and all will keep this game in your ds. if you like pokemon or have had a great interest in the series, jump on in, this is the warmest the waters ever been in the series.