A worthy successor to BF2

This game will appeal most to those who have played BF2 Modern Combat for the 360 that came out in 2006. The R & D team for that game developed this game, so you can think of FFoW as its spiritual successor.

Single Player 5/10: I feel as though the single player is simply a lengthy tutorial for the real deal - multiplayer. I am halfway through the game at this time and believe it or not it took me 3 hours to get there...on the highest difficulty setting. The campaign is pretty fun, more of an "OK soldier we need to control these two points" and then 10 min later "It turns out we need to control another 3 points...here's some armor to help you get there". The game allows you to take an objective in any order you choose so it is non-linear in style. I am more intrigued about the storyline...finally a game that takes current events such as an energy crisis and bases the game around this. Driving vehicles in this game is the probably the most annoying thing. In most cases you need to drive land vehicles with your left analog, using RB as a boost button. It's hard to control some vehicles and you seem to get stuck on annoying little things (I mean can a tank really get stuck on a dinky little barricade?) For air based, the helicopter controls are a little more intuitive and work better. I have not witnessed the jets yet.

Multiplayer 8/10: This is the most fun aspect of the game, so those who do not have a XBL Gold account should stay away from buying the game. With up to 50 player MP supported, this game is the most intense to date. Currently there is only 1 gameplay setting which is Frontlines, basically think of it as "coordinated domination" You rush from your base trying to gain control over access points, however several must be captured in sequence in order to gain new ground. It works well in this game. The game makes use of character classes much like CoD4. You can be a sniper or assault soldier for instance, and then choose support functions such as drone tech or air support. The more kills and objectives you complete, the quicker the recharge time for these perks. You also gain access to upgraded support features based on your milestones. For instance you will start out with a precision airstike in air support perk mode, but after reaching a certain number of points you will gain access to cluster bombs, which causes far more damage. A great feature. Note: in the search field for multiplayer matches you can select gametype and there is a slider bar there. Currently Frontlines is the only selection but that obviously means that more game modes are on the way. I have a hunch that KAOS will release a DL pack in the near future with new modes and weapons, a la GRAW. At this time I have only seen a max of 32 player servers instead of the much awaited 50 but KAOS may be waiting to set it up when more people buy the game? I notice the server screens are a little buggy as a lot of closed servers show they are active even when you refresh a search. The KAOS server games are relatively lag free, but the ones hosted by XBL members are a shot in the dark.

Graphics 7/10: Don't expect CoD4 quality or anything, but FFoW definitely delivers on the graphics front. Backgrounds are highly detailed alhough those little jaggies are evident in some places. The framerate suffers depending on how much action is going on, but not annoying enough for me to bash it. Unlike games like Halo 3, FFoW graphics are equal on single player and multiplayer

Audio 8/10: The sounds are very detailed and varied for this game, especially the weapons.You won't be disappointed.

In closing, I would first recommend downloading both the single player and multiplayer demos from XBL. The game is identical to these two so if you like 'em, you'll like the game. Personally, BF2 was one of my favorite games so this game is all that and more. Have fun!