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What Gamespot Users have to say about Predator: Concrete Jungle

  • User Rating:4

    What A waste of a franchise.

    i wanted to like this game. I really did. Hell it is the Predator. I was a fan from when the movie came out. I loved the BS macho crap, " I aint got time to bleed " it was brilliant. I think though, the reason the franch... Read Full Review

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  • User Rating:8.1

    AHH! Predator...Run. That is how you feel as your playing this game. but lets get into more detail.

    Gameplay: Very easy to learn, very easy with remindering how to take peoples heads off. But there is at times, bad problems with the camera angles. For example, you could be looking at your next kill, start to move towa... Read Full Review

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  • User Rating:3.5


    Ok pretty much every classic movie has been turned into a game by now. We seen additions like Scarface and Godfather, and I am daring to say Dead Rising (which was heavily influenced by Dawn of the Dead). Predator is jus... Read Full Review

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