Cipther make a come back.

Pokemon XD is a great game, the shadow pokemon are with new shadow move's a little better, too shadow Lugia is in the begin movie and in a battle very cool. The gameplay is generally the same as Colloseum, with a revamped interface. The object of the game is to snag Shadow Pokemon from opposing trainers, by whittling away at the enemy's HP and using one of the various PokeBalls to snag it. In this game, however, you can catch some wild Pokemon, after progressing in the story quite a bit. The sounds are basically the same as Colloseum, and much of the music from Colloseum makes a welcome return to XD, as well as XD having some tracks of it's own. The graphics show the graphics power of the Gamecube in amazing effects, with little to no slowdown. Overall, this game is excellent, and is a definite must for any Pokemon fan. But forgot to say that i this game from a may playing, but maybe later have i this really.