Power Rangers Super Samurai Cheats For Xbox 360

  1. Achievements

    Code Effect
    Create an ID Card A Samurai in the making
    Collect all badges You are a true Samurai Ranger!
    Complete all Super Samurai achievements Power of the Ancestors
    Train with the Gold Ranger Gold Power
    Train with a secret Red Ranger The new Red Ranger
    Use the 5-Disc Cannon Now that's teamwork!
    Use the Bullzooka Bullzooka Blast!
    Defeat Splitface Team Spirit
    Become a Super Samurai Super Samurai Mode!
    Defeat 4 or more enemies with one finishing move Quadruple Slash?
    Write a Samurai symbol for the first time Symbol Power!
    Complete all the Ranger symbols Symbol Master
    Defeat Rofer with Red Ranger and Green Ranger (Co-op) You can do anything as a team
    Take a photo with all of the Rangers Rangers Together, Smile Forever!
    Take a photo with all of the Megazords Smile, we are united!
    Complete a Ranger mission without taking damage Samurai Perfection
    Defeat Deker as the Red Ranger The ultimate duel
    Defeat Dayu as Pink Ranger Dayu's final song
    Defeat an enemy group that has an item in a Ranger mission Power Disc
    Defeat an enemy group that tried to mount a special attack in a Ranger mission Hold it right there, Nighlok!
    Defeat a Spitfang with its own fireball in a Ranger Battle Spitacular
    Complete a Megazord Battle without taking damage Megazord perfection
    Defeat a MegaMonster using only counterattacks. Counter Victory
    Do a Synchronized Attack on a MegaMonster Two Rangers in perfect sync!
    Prevent Splitface from exploding during a Ranger mission Defuse the situation
    Avoid Rofer's spin attack three times in a row in a Ranger mission Read the enemy's moves and react
    Don't let the enemies that appeared during the power outage escape Perceive that not seen
    Successfully attack Deker 3 times in a row during a Ranger Battle Fast, brave and lucky
    Defeat Gigertox The great duel
    Successfully attack Gigertox 3 times in a row during a Megazord Battle Armed for battle!
    Defeat Dayu in a Ranger mission without taking one hit from her poison bullets or mist Toxic Evader
    Hit Serrator in a Ranger mission before taking an attack from him Strike first, finish later
    Defeat Serrator Stroke of Fate
    Defeat Master Xandred VICTORY IS OURS!
    Avoid all Xandred's attacks in a Megazord Battle Untouchable
    Clear Game on Kids Level in Ranger Mode Samurai Victory
    Clear Game on Normal Level in Ranger Mode Super Samurai Victory
    Clear Game on Hard Level in Ranger Mode Shogun Victory
    Have a Megazord or MegaMonster appear during Training Megazord mobilized!
    Have a Megazord or MegaMonster appear five times during Training Training just went Mega Mode!
    Perform 10 or more Excellent moves while Training Excellente!
    Complete all Training Stages with all Rangers Ranger Training Complete
    Set a Personal Record above 300 bricks Tameshiwari Expert
    Perform 5 top-speed chops in Breaking Challenge Samurai Chop!
    Break more than 7 bricks at once Samurai Break!
    Complete Levels 1 through 4 in Breaking Challenge single player Breaking Training Complete
    Complete all Training Stages with the Nighlok Mooger Training... Complete?

    Contributed by: Guard Master