Power Rangers Samurai Cheats For Wii

  1. Every Ranger Available in Every Level

    Defeat the Bosses at the End of Missions 15 and watch the Credits, The Next time you Play you'll have access to every Ranger in Any Level

    Contributed by: Knightmare55 

  2. More Symbol Power replenished during mIssion

    Please Note: this code must be put in correctly, can't be off by one letter or number because the code will not work this code can be correctly put in the secrets menu in the options menu off of The Shiba House / Main Menu

    Code Effect
    CYCLE95627 More Symbol Power replenished during mIssion

    Contributed by: CountBo28 

Power Rangers Samurai Cheats For DS

  1. Bonus Passwords

    Enter these passwords at the Password screen in the main menu to unlock special effects. Once entered, they stay unlocked and can be toggled on/off at any time in the Bonus Settings menu.

    Code Effect
    Unlocks the Red Ranger's Mega Mode RED1826359
    Unlocks the Blue Ranger's Mega Mode BLUE736296
    Unlocks the Green Ranger's Mega Mode GREEN85452
    Unlocks the Yellow Ranger's Mega Mode YELLOW8649
    Boosts Deker's power DEKER77530
    Unlocks the Gold Ranger's Mega Mode GOLD842245
    Unlocks the Pink Ranger's Mega Mode PINK987326
    Boosts Ranger Attack SMASHER000
    Boosts Ranger Symbol Power BOW9999950
    Boosts Ranger Defense BLADE10001
    Lengthens Secret Disc spin time SHOGUN1867
    Boosts the effects of Health Recovery Items CYCLE98635
    Boosts the effects of Symbol Power Recovery Items CYCLE95627
    Counter attacks with timed blocking OCTO729483
    Boosts power of all Megazords MEGAZORD56
    Boosts power of all minor enemies MORPHER854

    Contributed by: Phazeta