Postal 2: Share the Pain Cheats For PC

  1. Turn off timer in Demo

    Go into the Console

    Set Gamestate Demotime 9999

    Enjoy the demo for as long as you like

    Contributed by: cubewarrior18 

  2. Unlcokables

    Code Effect
    Beat the game once Enhanced Mode

    Contributed by: SushimanX 

  3. Cheat Codes

    Press the shift and the @ key or the ~ key on some systems to make the Game Console Window Appear. Type in SISSY to enable the cheat modes then enter any of the following below for goodies...

    Code Effect
    Alamode God Mode
    PacNHeat Get Every Destructive Weapon
    PayLoad Lots of Ammo in All Weapons
    PiggyTreats Lots of Doughnuts
    JewsForJesus Lots of Cash
    BoyAndHisDog Lots of Dog Treats
    Jones Lots of Health Pipes
    SwimWithFishes All Radar Items
    FireInYourHole Rocket Cameras
    IAmTheOne Lots of Catnip
    LotsAPussy Lots of Cats
    BlockMyAss Body Armor
    SmackDatAss Gimp Suit
    IAmTheLaw Cop Uniform
    Healthful Full Health, 4 Medkits
    Whatchutalkinbout All Non-Players become Gary Coleman
    Osama All Non-Players become Fanatics
    RockinCats Change Guns to have Cats on them
    DokkinCats Removes Cat Repeating Guns
    IFeelFree Ghost Mode
    LikeABirdy Fly Mode
    slomo Slow Motion
    playersonly Stop Every Non-Triggered Action
    Ghost No Clipping (Walk Through Walls)
    iamsolame Maximum ammo, invincibility, and all weapons
    walk Disables flight and ghost modes
    nowwedance Scissors machin gun
    headshots One shot kills
    boppincats When gun is shooting cats, cats will ricochet
    splodincats Disables ricocheting cats
    Setday Reset Day to Monday
    slomo 1 disables Slow-Motion
    Whatchutalkingabout Everyone is Coleman
    lotsadogs Lots of Dogs

    Contributed by: cubewarrior18 

  4. Misc. Codes

    Code Effect
    SetTodaysErrandsComplete() Set all of today's errands as complete, turns on hate player groups
    SetAllErrandsUnComplete() Reset all errands, make hate groups not hate anymore
    SetAllErrandsComplete() Set all errands complete, turns on hat player groups
    SetDay(<day number>) Set the day, all errands before that day completed
    playersonly Toggle all non-player triggered animations and actions to stop
    ResetCops() Reset police and wanted status
    Set the day, reload level for that day WarpToDay(<day number>)
    BEHINDVIEW 1 Changes to third person view
    BEHINDVIEW 0 Changes to first person view

    Contributed by: Undergrads2003 

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