For A Puzzle Game Portal Brings a unique way to explore a open world

User Rating: 9 | Portal PC
Also Available in the orange box for PS3 and Xbox360 before i got the orange box i wanted to try out portal and i must say for a puzzle game it is worth the by for this underestimated puzzle game

The Good
A very great time waster and a very complex puzzle that combines action and open world situation graphics are very realistic many level and level difficulties to choose from voice acting is really impressive the story is very overwhelming and anyone can step into the shoe's of the test subject the area's you play in a very nice to examine well represented many difficulties too choose from to beginner to Advance will keep you busy to days very addictive and really fun gameplay is simple with certain rules to follow and signs to keep you warned for death can inform you to how you died easy control

The Bad
The Souneffects are somewhat annoying and can be dragged on there should of been a expert difficulty and the ending song is somewhat annoying but a excellent and great game nether the less 9.0/10

Story: 9.0/10
Soundeffects: 5.5/10
Graphics: 9.0/10
Voice Acting: 9.0/10
Gameplay: 9.0/10


The Good
-Great Story for a puzzle game
-A Concept of Open world is a new touch for a puzzle game
-Voice Acting is amazing
-Gameplay is very simple
-A Lot To do

The Bad
-Could of added a expert difficulty
-Soundeffects are off
-The Ending song is very Annoying