Fun and Innovative barely begin to describe the experience that is Portal.

User Rating: 9.5 | Portal PC
If you want to try something that you won't find in any other game on the market, take this title for a spin. I love the Half-life series and pretty much anything that Valve releases will get my attention for at least as long as it takes to try it out. Whether you're like me or if you've never played any games in the series and have little to no inclination to do so, Portal would still get my endorsement. It combines the traditional control and familiarity of your favorite first-person shooter along with the sinister challenge of your best puzzle games. The deviousness of some of the later puzzles and traps are what kept me going even after the initial novelty of the game play wore off. In other words, it has the features and flash to hook you, and the rewarding sense of solving a migraine-inducing problem to keep you in. Throw in the streak of sarcastic humor that the designers heaped into the game and you have an experience that is just what a video game should be, entertaining. From the off-the-wall comments of your kind/sadistic/supportive/demeaning nemesis to the humorous inscriptions on the walls, you won't be disappointed. This is just the kind of freshness in gaming I had been wanting to see for some time now.