Not that fun and nearly not as impressive as they would like you to believe

User Rating: 6 | Portal PC
you wake up in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar clothes tools and a computer to guide you through it. just you and your computer and no one else... you just go around pushing yourself forward without any hope of understanding why you got there or what your options there. you just push yourself forward from one portal to the next. helplessly like a lamb being led to slaughter.

I could easily expect more from a 2007 game. the graphics are just ok, the riddles aren't that interesting. there is no story or story telling. I had more fun solving skyrim puzzles than these puzzles. the entire game feels very lacking and hyped. avoid this game and try little big adventure 2 instead. now that a riddles game which is well worth your time and it was developed ten years earlier...

If you are looking to have fun with game game simulations you might want to try garys mod. it suppose to offer a more complete experience as for this game it just has nothing special about it.