one of my favourite games ever

this game does start a bit slow and at first was thinking oh i might sell this but about 3 hours into the game you get to finnaly go to the beutifal new vegas and after that you get to go in to the amazing casino cruise freeside steal from silver rush gamble spend and have a good time if you no what i mean so overall i think this is about 10 times better and bigger than fallout 3 and the companions are improved by being able to command them one of the games of the year any fallout fan must run out and buy it imediatly and if not you will be missing out big style i reckon the best fallout game to date to finish my review i will tell you what my favourite bits of the game i think there are improvements in diaoluge and karma the story is longer more side quests better replay value since new vegas has been on my shelf i havent played much else and there are hardly any glitchesi think nearlly every gamer with an xbox should have it