Portal 2 is an amazing game which all Puzzle , Sci-Fi and PC fans should get now!

User Rating: 9.5 | Portal 2 PC
Game: Portal 2
Genre: Puzzle
Developer: Valve
System: PC (Steam)
Total Score: 94/100
Value Score: 9.4/10

• Story: 10/10
o Portal 2's storyline begins some time after the events of Portal 1, you play as Chell the same protagonist from the first game, somehow she has been placed within the Aperature labs again (which is explained in the Portal 2 Comic "Lab Rat" which is available on the Game's website) and must now find a way to escape from the ruined labs. Along the way she meets a little sphere robot by the name of Wheatley who offers assistance, however as they progress through the labs, they somehow managed to resurrect GlaDOS, the primary antagonist from the first game. As Chell travels on towards an exit out of the lab, a ally becomes a enemy and a enemy becomes an unlikely ally.

• Characters: 10/10
o The first portal only had about two actual characters (not counting the mini turret robots) but had amazing character display and development just from one character, glaDOS. However Portal 2 consists of a total of 7 characters, 5 new ones including Wheatly who plays a similar role to glaDOS with his own eccentric personality, Cave Johnson who is the owner of Aparture Science plays a voice cameo with hilarious quotes, his assistant Caroline who's role plays out beyond her assistant duties, P-Body and Atlas who are multiplayer characters who do make one appearance in the main storyline. You also play as Chell (who is the same character from Portal 1) and glaDOS makes a return but plays a different role. The turrets from Portal 1 make an appearance again but other than that, nothing else new unless you want to count the new cubes that have robots in them or the new models of turrets as new characters. Regardless of that Wheatley and glaDOS more likely make up majority of the lines in the game and creates that unique atmospheric feeling when playing the game that made the first one so popular.

• GamePlay: 10/10
o Portal 2's gameplay mechanics are exactly the same as Portal 1 but the usage of the mechanics have been expanded. For one thing, they have added gels which come in 3 different colors: Blue, Orange and Gray. Blue Gel allows you to jump high from wherever you jumped from the blue gel, orange allows you to slide across a floor with great momentum, and gray gel allows you to create portals on places that the gel landed on. The gels play a major part in the 2nd half of the game while the first half of the game stays closer to the original, getting through obstacles, using cubes both regular and laser pointer to open up passages and such. You'll be going through all sorts of test chambers throughout the game in order to escape from the facility but along with that you'll be thrown

• Graphics: 10/10
o Portal 2's graphics arent really a graphical leap since the game is using the same system that was used to make the first game, however some of the details in things such as the poisoned water now looks more like current gen game rather than a N64 mocked up effect.

• Sound: 10/10
o Portal 2 uses similar sound effects as Portal 1 and other Valve related games, but where it truly shines in the sound department is the voice over work. glaDOS made the first game amazing just for her own character, personality and her memorable quotes, she is back again with new voice overs. There's also a new character who rivals glaDOS and plays a similar role: Wheatly who's voice overs are as hilarious as glaDOS but in a different yet similar tone. You also have Cave Johnson and his assistant who also play a voice cameo in the 2nd half of the game. Overall the sound department is as classic and memorable as the first game's sound.

• Music: 8/10
o Portal 2's music has improved from the first game but it is still a far cry compared to the OSTs of other games. Regardless of that, like the first game, this game has its unique ending theme which is as good as the first game's, along with that the music that plays in the background in most of the test chambers actually bring new feeling to the atmosphere and new level of feeling to the overall experience in the game. You can get the Portal 2 OST in its entirety at the official website for Portal 2: thinkwithportals.com

• Length: 6/10
o Portal 2's length has improved from its predecessor adding about 4-5 additional hours to the overall gameplay in single player mode, but also includes a side storyline that takes place after the events of Portal 2 in the multiplayer aspect of the game. Overall the game should take you about 15-20 hours if you combine the hours that are clocked in both the single and multiplayer mode. This is of course excluding all the bonus maps and any of the user created maps that are out there.

• Replay Value: 10/10
o Portal 2's replay value is absolutely stunning compared to the first game. You might have to play at least twice to possibly get all the achievements in the game, you can play the multiplayer mode with a friend, you can play bonus maps which are included within the game and play any of the user generated maps which usually are made daily so the number of levels are absolutely endless if you think about it. Along with that the game includes link to the Portal 2 Comic which gives insight to the events that took place between Portal 1 and Portal 2.

• Player Value: 10/10
o Portal 2 is an amazing successor to possibly one of the best games that were ever made in a unexpected genre. Portal 2 excels in all aspects that made the first game a success but brings it to a whole new level of quality and enjoyment. The puzzles, music and amazing gameplay will keep you hooked to your PC monitor, and if that is not enough the amazing character design and voice over work will make you coming back for more!