LBP is sonys new attempt to get a new mascot.will it really wow the crowds or still need some stuffing?

Okay the first things first i thought this game would be gay something so stupid you would puke.But turns out a was wrong i was dead stinkin wrong.

Story-LBP has a cute short yet enjoyable story, sackboy must go around the LBP world changing himself and helping weird toys in need it has a cute E rated (i mean in 6+ no not failed) child lovable story.

Gameplay-The gameplay is amazing and it is what a game should really live its well gameplay lol most game designers are thinking hey good graphics meen great game but ya know what? IT DOESNT.LBP gets it right with focusing on this the gameplay and we'll see why.first the story mode will take you through 6 hours of jumping collecting,and transforming costumes.next after story mode go to the best thing in the game ,LEVEL BUILDER.The level builder is fun making levels decorating .Wanna make a death trap?YOU CAN.you can also share there on playstation live.great right?IT GETS BETTER.with 5 small dollers you can upgrade your LBP into metal gear solid 4 with the pack.new levels new item(paintator) and a totally wicked sack design make it amazing.and itll STILL keeps its child feel.not only that but street fighter costumes are available!And whats more the game will keep you coming back for more and more and MOOOOOOOORRREEE.

Design/Graphics-Not only does it nail the gameplay but it nails the graphics to.areas look amazing and just...to good! seriously it takes full advantage of the blu-ray!

VA-There is only one awsome voice actor in the game and he is the nararator seriously just listen to his voice and you will see the truth!

Multiplayer-In case you havent noticed it has great story mode but with 2 people its MEGA enjoyable seriosly my friend who said he hates E games says he LOVES this!You can go through youre whole levels and the story with 2 people.

Music-Great music nuff said.

Overall-its an amazing game sackboy has touched my heart.