A Revolution in Pokémon History

User Rating: 9 | Pokemon X 3DS

It's seriously hard to believe that Pokémon has ben around for 15 years now as an RPG series. It's a cultural phenomenon that won't slow down anytime soon. As a series it has brought together so many people with it's simple but amazing RPG gameplay. While Pokémon is amazing though it does have it's issues with repetition and a few annoying issues in gameplay. Pokémon X is determined to iron out many of it's flaws and in the end it does so many things right for the Pokémon series. Now gameplay wise Pokémon X has refined the battle features in different ways. The game still has the familiar turned based Rock, Paper, Scissors game for different types. But now it's in 3D as well. The graphics are amazing for the battles and the 3D effect shows off so much for the game. Attack types show off so many different effects and so much goes on throughout the game. Now a few Pokémon can do a new battle tactic known as the Mega Evolution. Which makes the Pokémon twice as powerful and gives them a new form but you can only do it once per battle. A new Fairy type is added to the types which adds an even greater balance to the Pokémon types. The game also moves out at a faster pace compared to previous Pokémon games. So that you don't have to sit through the slow paces that made some of the previous titles tedious sometimes. While some story segments still get annoying through the game you can easily get by this. The Pokémon featured here are awesome as it might be the best Pokémon roster in history. With so many different Pokémon through every generation spanning as well. The environments are also really awesome from Deep forests, Huge Cities, Costal Beaches, Long Fields and so much more. The graphics are so far the best in any Pokémon game and it will always surprise you on what to see next. Minigames are also thrown in such as increasing Pokémon stats through Super Training and Getting Berries for your Pokémon. The most awesome new feature is Pokémon-Amie which allows you to bond with your Pokémon by either giving them massages, Feeding them Poke puffs and increasing bonds as well. The online is also much more improved. You can now trade Pokémon, Battle with anyone easily and so much more. The online alone is hands down the best reason to get Pokémon X alone. Overall Pokémon X is one of the best Pokémon games to revolutionize the series. Asides from a few story issues with the pacing it's one of the best Pokémon games to play. Highly recommended overall and the best reason to buy a 3DS at this moment.