Vivillion Patterns Needed

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Hi guys, been a while since I used this site but was wondering if anyone had some vivillions they'd be willing to trade me. Been playing the GTS game for a while now and man they go fast!

I am currently seeking: Savannah, Tundra, Sun, Icy Snow, Sandstorm, Jungle, Monsoon, Archipelago and Ocean.

I can mostly just offer the Garden pattern, as it is my local one, but I do also have one spare Continental, Polar, and Elegant. If anyone can help out it would be massively appreciated, my friend code is 3394-3736-9738. I will definitely be online for the next few hours, but am online quite regularly so don't worry too much if you miss me :)

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Update: I now only need Tundra and Monsoon, happy to accept as scatterbugs. PM me if you'd rather not post on here! :)