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I have Black 1 and White 1, and I just picked up Black 2 today (and will probably get White 2 down the road). I started Black with Tepig and White with Snivy. I definitely want to start one of the 2s with Oshawott. I'm not sure which on I will start with him and who I should start the other game with. Should I save Oshawott for White 2 and chose from the other two starters now or do the reverse Any advice?

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I'd recommend just playing Black 2 with Oshawott. That way, when you get White 2, you can just pick your favorite starter of the lot and build your team around that. So yeah, starting with Oshawott frees you up to play with whatever starter you want down the track. Go Oshawott
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In my opinion Tepig is the best starter in both White 1 and 2... a sure fire winner!!