In need of a Ditto

#1 Posted by Fushicho_27 (2 posts) -
Could some one hook me up with a Ditto? I would like to breed some Pokemon to EV train them. I have both versions of Pokemon White but only one 3DS. If a Ditto and a Scyther can be obtained I would trade for any generation starter of your choice, I also have them in eggs. Please let me know. Thanks
#2 Posted by JediDylzac (2 posts) -
I can help with the ditto but the scyther is a little difficult, any other choices? I'll trade for a tepig and another
#3 Posted by Tokeism (2280 posts) -
You can catch ditto in both games
#4 Posted by x-Draven-x (161 posts) -

yes, catching ditto really shouldnt be an issue