Fan of the MGS series? Don't miss this one.

Hmm... another MGS game huh? Yes. This one will take you back to the Cold War era, where you play as Snake or "Big Boss". Of course, lets talk story...

Okay I'm new of the series. I played MGS2: Sons of Liberty and I was SO confused. Snake? Raiden? Foxhound? WTF? The game won't really explain what happen in MGS2, but it will take you where it all started.

The story is still confusing as ever. You'll have a variety of characters introduced. Like EVA, Volcan, others as well. But the one person Snake cares about is The Boss, the closet person to him. You'll fight through the WERIDEST bosses, and all that jazz. Story is pretty much one of the things that will interest you.

Gameplay. Oh, it's a stealth game. You can't run around and kill soilders. You have to be stealth. I can't. I try. But stealth isn't my thing. Anyway, you have to be stealth, and the game helps out. You'll have a number of camaflouges you can use in different enviornments. If it's dark, and gloomy outside, you can use dark clothes and hide in the shadows. Sunny out? Then green is the way. Duck in the grass and kill you unsepecting victims. One thing is, there's no radar. It's in the 1960's. Come on. But you do, just that it will pick up on the enemies' communicaters. Poo.
You have a selection of guns, grenades, and... other stuff.
Oh, plus, Snake can eat. Eat little rabbits, and frogs to crocs and snakes (har). Some are disgusting (he says) and some tastes like chicken. Some are POISONUS, with takes me to the healing menu.

Healing is a big part. Let's say... you have a gun bullet and a arrow in your @ss. You can heal it by using a knite to take out the bullet and put a banage on it. There are lots more, so... heal.

I guess that's it. MGS3 is best in the series. Hands down. :D