Very good game, and a nice nostalgia win for those who grew up with the originals.

User Rating: 10 | Pocket Monsters SoulSilver DS
This game is everything you liked as a kid but better!
The graphics are improved, the pokemon follow you and there are a lot more pokemon to catch.

By that last statement i mean; that the game has almost all the pokemon you would need, where as other pokemon games fail in that department.

If you have struggled to complete the pokedex in your old Silver/Crystal game you will enjoy this version, since many legendaries that were previously missed are there for the taking.

There are many new things and many old things, for example there a GB Radio so a veteran to the game can listen in to the tunes he/she grew up with.


There is also a bunch of plot holes that are filled. Like Giovanni being featured instead of just mentioned, a whole new Celebi event explaining the Rivals history and much more.

All in all this game is a perfect nostalgic experience for someone who grew up playing the games and a great pokemon addition to a newcomer.