Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald Version Cheats For Game Boy Advance

  1. The day care center trick

    when you put a pokemon in a day care center, each step you take equals one exp. point. if you want to level up a pokemon faster while it is in the center, you must first obtain the acro bike from rydel. then fly over to lavaridge town and bike all the way right until you reach the desert. bike over to the mudslide and face it. now here is the tricky part, find a way to hold down the UP button on your gameboy. leave it on overnight, and your set. this may not work as well for people without an sp.

    Contributed by: butnugget 

  2. Get unlimited time in the Safari zone!

    It's really simple. All you have to do is to bring a Pokemon that knows Sweet Scent and use it over and over again. You can attract as much Pokemon as you want without wasting steps.

    Contributed by: Chaos Control 

  3. Avoid wild Pokemon!

    Now, you can use CUT to hack away grass that wild Pokemon live in. You can save money not buying repels and can travel without being interrupted by wild Pokemon

    Contributed by: Chaos Control 

  4. Get Corsola Without Fishing

    You can get Corsola without fishing. In order to get Corsola you need a Bellosom( Evolve Gloom with sun stone ) and you need to go to Pacifidlog Town and talk to the lady in one of the houses and she will trade you a Corsola for a Bellosom.

    Contributed by: DarkCharzard237 

  5. Unlimited Time in Safari Zone

    If you have the Acro Bike equipped, get on it while you're in the Safari zone. If you hop up and down in one spot of grass, you can run into Pokemon without using up steps.

    Contributed by: Yoni 

  6. Fully Heal Pokemon without a Poke Center

    If you deposit a pokemon in a box and then pull it out, it is completely healed. This is useful for places like the Day-Care center that do not have a heal station. There are a few other places in which there are PC's but no heal station.

    Contributed by: samthebigkid 

  7. Free Premier Balls

    If you go to the department store in Lilycove City, and go to the counter where you can buy poke balls, you can get 1 free premier ball for every 10 poke balls you buy (they have to be poke balls, not great balls or ultra balls). Premier Balls are just like poke balls but are all white with red rims.

    Contributed by: samthebigkid 

  8. Shiny Pokemon

    Every time you encounter a pokemon you have a 1/8192 chance of the pokemon being a different color, this is called a shiny pokemon

    Contributed by: Y2JosHBK386 

  9. Unlock Statues and a Sculpture

    Win at least 50 battles in a row in the Battle Tower. You will receive the Silver Trophy. Win at least 100 battles in a row in the Battle Tower. You will receive the Gold Trophy. Get 5 pictures painted in the Lilycove Art Museum. You will receive the Glass Sculpture.

    Code Effect
    Win at least 50 battles in a row in the Battle Tower. Silver Trophy
    Win at least 100 battles in a row in the Battle Tower. Gold Trophy
    Get 5 pictures painted in the Lilycove Art Museum. Glass Sculpture

    Contributed by: All is Fair in Love and War 

  10. Scarfs

    Go to Slateport City. Talk to the Chairman in the Pokémon Fan Club. If your lead Pokémon has maximum coolness, he will give you a Red Scarf. If your lead Pokémon has maximum beauty, he will give you a Blue Scarf. If your lead Pokémon has maximum cuteness, he will give you a Pink Scarf. If your lead Pokémon has maximum smartness, he will give you a Green Scarf. If your lead Pokémon has maximum toughness, he will give you a Yellow Scarf.

    Code Effect
    Have maximum coolness on lead Pokémon. Red Scarf
    Have maximum beauty on lead Pokémon. Blue Scarf
    Have maximum cuteness on lead Pokémon. Pink Scarf
    Have maximum smartness on lead Pokémon. Green Scarf
    Have maximum toughness on lead Pokémon. Yellow Scarf

    Contributed by: All is Fair in Love and War 

  11. Rare Stones

    Find Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow Shards. These may be found near Mossdeep, under the water. Go to the Hunter's House. Trade him Blue Shards for Water Stones, Green Shards for Leaf Stones, Red Shards for Fire Stones, and Yellow Shards for Thunder Stones.

    Code Effect
    Give the Shard Hunter a Blue Shard. Water Stone
    Give the Shard Hunter a Green Shard. Leaf Stone
    Give the Shard Hunter a Red Shard. Fire Stone
    Give the Shard Hunter a Yellow Shard. Thunder Stone

    Contributed by: All is Fair in Love and War 

  12. Diplomas

    Code Effect
    Have all 202 pokemon Seen and Caught in your pokedex. Then go to the hotel in Lilycove City and talk to the Game Designer. Pokemon Diploma
    Collect all 386 Pokemon info in your Pokedex. Then go to the hotel in Lilycove City and talk to the Game Designer. National Pokedex Diploma

    Contributed by: Master Trainer 

  13. Getting Different Coloured Trainer Card

    You can get five different kinds of Trainer Cards; Green, Copper, Silver, Bronze and Gold. You start off with the green card. And when you beat the Elite Four you get the Bronze card. beating 50 trainers in a row in battle tower will get you another upgrade. When you beat all of the contests you will receive another upgrade. And then catching all 200 Pokemon will give you another one. It doesn't matter what order you do those tasks in, but you can't complete the dex untill you have beaten the E4. It goes Green to bronze to copper to Sliver to gold.

    Code Effect
    The Card you start off with Green Trainer Card
    Beat the Elite Four at least once Bronze Trainer Card
    Catch all 200 Pokemon Copper Trainer Card
    Beat all of the contests Silver Trainer Card
    Beat 50 trainers in a row in battle tower, either LV 50 or LV 100 Gold Trainer Card

    Contributed by: winterlord 

  14. National Pokedex

    Code Effect
    Trade from Pokemon Fire Red or Pokemon Leaf Green National Pokedex

    Contributed by: pokinjuy 

  15. Berry Master's Wife Passwords

    Tell the Berry Master's Wife certain phrases to receive the following berries. You can only tell her one of these each day.

    Code Effect
    GREAT BATTLE You will receive a Spelon Berry.
    CHALLENGE CONTEST You will receive a Pamtre Berry.
    OVERWHELMING LATIAS You will receive a Watmel Berry.
    COOL LATIOS You will receive a Durin Berry.
    SUPER HUSTLE You will receive a Belue Berry.

    Contributed by: All is Fair in Love and War 

  16. Mystery Event

    Get at least 5 badges. Go to the Petalburg Pokemon Center. Talk to the guy at the PC. When he asks you your profile, tell him MYSTERY EVENT IS EXCITING. You will be able to scan E-Reader cards with this.

    Code Effect
    MYSTERY EVENT IS EXCITING You will receive Mystery Event.

    Contributed by: All is Fair in Love and War 

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