Pokemon Red Version Cheats For Game Boy

  1. Cut's secondary effect

    You may already know that Cut cuts down small trees to clear a path for yourself. If you use Cut while standing in a patch of grass, it will cut the grass so you won't encounter Pokemon in that spot. The grass is reset if you leave the area.

  2. Get a diploma

    To get the diploma catch 150 Pokemon and go and see the designer in the mansion in Celedon City. He will then give you the diploma.

  3. Clone Pokemon

    **This glitch requires 2 Gameboys and a link cable.**

    Have one Pokemon game with a pokemon that you both want (generally a starting pokemon, a legendary, or Mewtwo). Have the other game have a pokemon that you wouldn't miss, as it will be deleted forever (Example: Level 4 Ratatta). Once you both have your pokemon, enter a trade. Now, trade the bad pokemon for the good pokemon, and at the end of the trade, right after the screen flashes "Waiting..." but before it flashes "Trade Completed," the person who originally owned the good pokemon should turn off their Gameboy or pull out the link cable (turning off the power is the preferred method, but should work). The person who originally had the bad Pokemon should have the message "Trade Completed" on their screen.

    If done correctly, you will both now have the good pokemon. The person who originally had it turned off their Gameboy before it could save, so his gamepak doesn't know the trade ever took place. The second person's Gameboy remembers the trade, and has the new Pokemon.

  4. Missing No. Kangaskhan.

    Item's needed for glitch:
    Pokemon Red
    Master Ball (infinite is recommended)
    Rare Candy
    This can only be done on Red Version of Pokemon. Do the steps described for infinite items. When you encounter the bar shaped thing (also refered to as Missing No.), use a master ball (if you have infinite) and capture the Missing No.. WARNING: Only do this is if Missing No. is at level 80. Level 0 Missing No. WILL lock your game up. It will say that you captured #### n' #### as it's name will look in the screen. For some reason it will continue to attack. Just run. If you can't, keep trying until you do. Get Missing No. into your party and give it a Rare Candy. It will move to Level 81 and say that it is evolving. I t evolves into... TAA-DAA!! Kangaskhan! This is no ordinary Kangaskhan. It has three attacks; Water Gun, Water Gun (again), and Sky Attack.

  5. Safari Zone Pokemon Caught easy

    1) Go to the Safari Zone and wander around until you run into one of the more rare and hard to catch pokemon.

    2) Run away from it and immediately use dig, teleport, escape rope, fly, or anything else that will take you immediately out of the Safari Zone.

    3) Surf down to the Seafoam Islands from Fushia City (Use repel if you got it to avoid encounters)

    4) Surf up and down the East Coast of Seafoam. (Make sure you stay on the very edge so you are half on land half in the water)

    5) Your first pokemon encounter should be the pokemon you last saw in the Safari Zone.

    I highly recommend using the infinite item glitch to get loads of master balls first so you don't risk killing your quarry.... or worse being killed by it. Very nice little trick, that will save some serious annoyance when trying to catch Pokemon like Tauros and Ryhorn who just don't want to seem to want to stay in the safari balls.

  6. Get about 150 of your sixth item (Great for master ball and rare candy)

    First talk to the guy in Viridian City that tells you how to catch pokemon. Tell him you aren't in a hurry, and when he's done fly to Cinibar Island and use surf to surf on the half water half land shore area. When you run into Missingno run away. Your six item will have a random thing instead of a #. It is now duplicated. You can this glitch as many times as you want. *!*You can also use this trick to catch rarer pokemon like Starmie or Taurus and sometimes one of the 1st three (the wil usually have insanely high levels so I recomend a master ball, after all you should have a lot of them!)

  7. An Extra Bike

    Simply attempt to put your bike into the computer at any Pokemon Center. Instead of going in, you will have one in your bag and one in your computer as well.

  8. Skip Marowak fight

    The top floor of the Pokemon tower is blocked by the ghost of a Marowak, which can't be identified and defeated until you get the Silph Scope in Team Rocket's Hideout. Or apparently not, because if you use a Poke Doll item in this fight, with the Silph Scope or not, you'll escape the battle and Marowak will be defeated! With this trick, you can get to the top floor and save Mr. Fuji and get the Poke Flute without ever going into Team Rocket's hideout.

  9. Re-board the S.S. Anne

    To Re-board the S.S. Anne, have a Pokemon that knows Surf with you. Go to the guy who says "the ship set sail". You'll be diagnall from him. now go in front of him and save. Turn your GB off and back on. Use your SURF Pokemon and hold DOWN. You'll be SURFing on the guy. Press DOWN the after SURFing, and you should be in the ship.

  10. Bypass Cycling Road Guard

    To get onto the Cycling Road without needing a Bicycle, simply hold Left while the guard warns you that you must have the Bicycle to enter Cycling Road. (If you already obtained the Bicycle, this still works if the Bicycle is in the PC.) In doing so, you will bypass the guard; if you continue onto Cycling Road, you'll still ride a bike.

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