Gamefreak's newest installment to the pocket monsters series is a complete sucsess!

User Rating: 10 | Pocket Monsters Pearl DS
1. Much easier way to surf through menus
2. New region, more pokemon.
3. More exitement to the whole series
4. The Wi-Fi feature
5. Mass amount of legends to capture.
6. New GBA > DS feature that lets you transfer hard trained gba pkmn to your D/P.

1. Having your folks confuzzled cuz they dunno how you could play such a game.

The story goes, as an ordinary pokemon game, you set out on your journey, collect all the gym badges, vice versa. BUT, you run into a evil gang call Team Galaxy whom has a plan to take over the world or something in the lines like that.

The controls are nice and spiffy. Everything is done via touch screen. Simply touch a command, in order what you wanna do in the battle. It is that simple! And much easier to use then the old games. And surfing through menus have never been so much fun!

The graphics are awesome for this game. They added in 3D buildings and what not unexpectedly. And that equals making the game a tad more nifty than it was expected from gamers around the world to be.

The sound is different from most games in the pokemon series. It seems to go with the situation, and what not like that. Also, the pokemon cries in this game are alot more clear then they use to be. Maybe that is because this is a DS title.

The wifi in this game makes everything alot more enjoyable then all of the others. You can't just trade with others with friend code sharings. There is a new feature in this game called; The GTS. This feature allows you to trade with people with them on your friend list, and without them on your friend list. Ans yes, this is around the world as it usually is.