Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers Cheats For DS

  1. Wonder Mail Codes

    To enter them go to the code option on the main menu.

    You must pass Chapter 10 to use these codes.

    *Warning may contain spoilers*

    Code Effect
    78SR-H2MP0+4 Y6FY1&Y+#R9S Unlocks Maze Cave Boss: Gabite Reward: Gabite's Scale
    FN01HWN-00%F 8678 +XY@ &%#3 Unlocks Bottomless Sea Boss: Kyogre Reward: Water Harmonica (Increases recruit rate for Water type Pokemon)
    4MP=K98#CT%Y R@--&P7%%K86 Unlocks Mt. Avalanche Cave Boss: Articuno Reward: Ice Flute (Increase recruit rate for Ice type Pokemon)
    FH0THYNHR0QF 86N8+SY@&%YN Unlocks Giant Volcano Boss: Heatran Reward: Frie Drum (Increase recruit rate for Fire type Pokemon)
    WNWYJXTK&5C14N3-P4NM8K&C Unlocks The Great Hole Boss: Giratina Reward: Rock Megaphone - (Increases Recruit Rate for Rock Pokémon)
    X%8S WYY+ S-JF PFH@ @##K 5W8K Unlocks Mysterious Jungle. Boss: Mew. Reward: Grass Trumpet (Increases recruit rate for Grass type Pokemon)
    #&S6 NY2& YJN= 1P57 F0MN MH7Y Unlocks Shimmering Desert. Boss: Groudon. Reward: Earth Cymbal (Increases recruit rate for Ground type Pokemon)
    HW+8 66%T 5S51 +J5Y 4-K# H@P- Unlocks Sky Stairs. Boss: Rayquaza. Reward: Flying Pianaca (Increases recruit rate for Flying type Pokemon)
    R#F&=7R3R37X+Q+& 6FWK YJN5 Oran Forest
    YNP5Q&%9HP5+SWK560P0W1%W Lost Wilderness
    Q&+2%1CSS1XMWY-48T0TC20Y Mt Mistral
    FCCS#09=5T+6Y#033P@YPQ#@ Unlocks Tiny Meadow
    PXJ6 34F4 4Q3F QW&K YRX5 38+= Enigma Part
    S=W7 3&8S 2CSQ 0-7Y HP3+ H260 Secret Stoneplate
    PJC21R&J0H%2F6WK5MJS+%Q+ Unlock Happy Outlook
    1PH1TKH7=9MJNY2T58-33Y90 Get a Golden Apple.
    3JY0#XHQRK173X4-SY1M+HHX Get the Golden Chamber of Hidden Land.
    2C%@PF8S75MP-3JR383&8P%J 1000 Rescue Point arrest.
    7&SK8Y+0C9YF06KKNN+2+F8K 1300 Rescue Point arrest (Harder)
    %H#N 33@F 66#5 6%CT 2H9W =4QF Landslide Cave
    Q+6% S98X -1T- 8#T2 68S9 &K+J Lush Prairie
    S6P& 198+ -5QY R&22 FJMK W1XF Serenity River
    CQ@8 TMN- M46X2CFM 9YXH X5WK Friend Bow
    fq8+#y2&s51=18n7hw-%xh78 100 Rescue Point arrest.
    CX-- +YSJ M59X 5T9M 5@&K &5=7 Shimmer Hill.
    @QYP SJ@- N-J% TH6= 4-SK 32CR Unlocks a Rank D "Arrest Venomoth" mission in the Beach Cave that has the Golden Mask as a reward.
    7=W@ P2FX MK@0 N-H0 RWQ# K#8P Recruits Charmander
    &@R6 &TC- 7=5T MMY& P2SK HHY@ Unlock Serenity River & Tyranitar
    7Y9M KMR% WWKX +WCW 97## CJ17 Dragonite Joins the Team
    JXWM 2P6Y 1MST C-1& PQP# +1XS Tyranitar Joins the Team
    99KN FFRS N7#P %K@K YW2C J9+T Staraptor Joins the Team
    -7=5 8@%9 1@+4 T0-0 =9%C 7=8C Recruit Dratini
    F6YP -R6& N#0N 0NX4 TJ#2 HW3N Recruit Totodile
    4N%Q 8M64 M3XQ 8P03 70XW -XM3 Weavile (female) recruitment
    PMJ- &T@9 =5H3 H4H0 +&X0 =@%J Smeargle
    6@YW ST%H +TN& C0K7 Y7#& SQ-7 Riolu
    N@34 8SM9 6-R6 2Q2K #MJ% -6+Y Piplup (female)
    F=4X T7SH M8+3 #C62 Q37H 3JJ3 Leafeon recruitment Serenity River B4F
    @q8S T1MF #YRP 6-32 MPKY 9#&& Glailie recruitment
    K%M1 W=69 5Q0= JCF0 53RH S90R Garchomp recruitment
    -3K7 9+68 5JR= J&C2 C#J1 H8%9 Unlocks the misson for the Mystery Part
    08CHWQ7-9P58S7NXM+25PTMH Vanish Seed + ? Crystal Cave B8F (200)
    #-R8Y&%9X--+S-7F7%86@1R@ Brown Gummi Steam Cave 6F (50)
    Y2YS W595 T=XJ 39Y0 TWW2 +RY0 Recruit eevee
    J6KR 2RRS FM33 KM21 TNT# SW#8 Unlock Midnight Forest

    Contributed by: guurak 

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