Wow...totally amazing. Something you always wanted from a pokemon game

User Rating: 9 | Pokemon Fushigi no Dungeon: Ao no Kyuujotai DS
I just got Pokemon Blue Mystery Dungeon DS yesterday! So far it is an awesome game. Something I always wanted. I always wanted to BE the pokemon and actual see when wild enemies were coming. This made my dream. Its a wonderful RPG. Something new everytime you enter the dungeons or forests. The maps always change. And there is a variety of different pokemon you can be from the start. And then you could pick a teammate right after that. Two of the pokemon you love. I like the way you can be rescued. Thats I could reason I have a brother...when I die he can save me! But usually its him that dies....But whatever. The saving system is pretty sweet.

I love this game and any pokemon fan should get it...scratch that...any RPG fan should get it.