Great game worth the $$$

User Rating: 9.5 | Pocket Monsters HeartGold DS
When i first heard about Pokemon Soul Silver and Hear Gold i was very happy. The first Pokemon games i ever had or ever play was the Sliver, i was eight or nine years old. I thought i would give the games a try to see if they were just as good as the other Pokemon games. And they are very fun! The games bring back good memory's. Now your Pokemon and follow you around like in Pokemon Yellow.
Going through Johto is the longest part of the game for me cause it seems like you spend more time training your Pokemon. But when you go to Kanto your Pokemon are high levels and the grass were you would train in Johto have all low level Pokemon. So the only way you can train in Kanto is through Pokemon trainers and gym leaders. Not saying that it makes the game less fun cause it does not!
Now that i have finish Soul Silver I'm moving on to Heart Gold. I know that the to games are about the same the only other thing different really is the Pokemon you can catch and or battle.
Overall the game is fun for not only kids new to the series but the kids who grow up playing the games!