Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal Version Cheats For Game Boy Color

  1. Avoid random battles

    When you walk up to the edge of grass use cut and the grass will be gone. No more random battles.

    Contributed by: InvaderGrr 

  2. Easy Breeding!

    If you capture a Ditto you can use that for breeding. The Ditto will act as the female, so you wont have to get two of each type of Pokemon that you want the baby form of it. For Example just breed a Ditto and a Pikachu, and you will get a Pichu.

    Contributed by: Elements_Master 

  3. Battle leaders over and over again....

    First you save in front of a PC and then you go and battle the Gym and its leader. When you finish, go and clone the pokemon that grew levels. When you turn your game back on you will be in the Pokemon center BEFORE you battled the leader but if you look in your PC you will find the Cloned Pokemon. Exchange the pokemon and save when you have your raised ones in your party then you can do it again.
    Note: This trick will fill up your boxes so every three times you do this trick release the extra pokemon or switch boxes.

    Contributed by: Thing in the Swamp 

  4. Duplication

    NOTE: This requires at least two pokemon, and access to a PC.
    First, take the pokemon you want to duplicate, put it into your group. Make sure you have a box with at least one free slot. Save your game in front of your PC. Then, go to the box, and deposit the pokemon. Exit the box, go to ''Change Box,'' select any box, and while it's saving, turn off the Gameboy.

    NOTE: Make sure that you do it while the message ''Saving, do not turn off the power'' is still there. Otherwise it will not work.

    Turn on the Gameboy, the box should be the one that you deposited the pokemon in. You should have the pokemon in your group and have the same pokemon in your group.

    Contributed by: UltiVegito2 

  5. Easy Shiny Ditto/Mew

    Note that this glitch involves the use of trading between Pokemon Red/Blue/Green/Yellow (R/B/G/Y) and Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal (G/S/C). It will easily result in a Ditto or Mew whose is Shiny, and thus automatically having above-average stats (as is the norm in Pokemon G/S/C). First, you must trade any Shiny Pokemon - a Pokemon whose color is different than normal - from Pokemon G/S/C to Pokemon R/B/G/Y. Any Shiny Pokemon will work, including the Shiny Gyarados you automatically find during gameplay. While on the latter, you need to find a Ditto in the wild: Mew will also work if you use other glitches in those games. While that battle occurs, have the Pokemon that was Shiny be in-battle until Ditto or Mew Transform into that Pokemon. Catch the Ditto or Mew thereafter. Once you do so, trade that Ditto or Mew to Pokemon G/S/C. In doing so, you'll figure out that the Pokemon was Shiny.

    Contributed by: KeyBlade999 

  6. Reset Game Time

    To reset the game time, at the title screen hold Down+Select+B. You'll need a password next, see the Time Reset FAQ on how to generate your unique password.

    Contributed by: oblivion from aoc 

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