Best place to train for E4?

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My team is:


Raichu - level 50

Dragonair - level 50

Kadabra - level 50

Blastoise - level 52

Primeape - level 50

Pidgeot - level 50


I want all my Pokemon level 55 to take on the Elite Four. Where are the best places to train?

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I like to train in Viridian Forest.

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Victory Road, or 7 island. They are the only places with enough high-leveled pokemon and trainers. But since i'm commenting, do me a favor. Here is my team, and rate for me. Please? (I'm not at the E4 yet, but it is what i will be using, so bear with me) Blastoise Moltres Exxegutor Nidoking Hitmonchan Dragonite/Zapdos/I don't know who else to use