Let your imagination guide you

User Rating: 9.8 | Pokemon Crystal Version (Pokemon Special Edition GBC Bundle) GBC
There is a litlle more to this game as well, for example, you either have the option to play as a boy or a girl. The sad part to this is well, as for the battle scenes, you are battling as boys only. The battle tower was pretty convincing indeed. It had more "challenge" to it and you can also earn prizes by beating all seven trainers. Another sad part is that you can't catch HO-OH in this game. Bummer. I like the new sounds they have added when you encounter the three legendary Pokemon, such as Raikou, Entei and Suicune. I also noticed that the Ice Path made some changes instead of being an inky dark cave. There is also a person in this game that is looking for Suicune, but when you go near it, it starts to flee. I am close to completing the Pokedex(248 kinds). The graphics remain the same, but some changes were made. You can still trade with Red /Blue /Yellow, Silver and Gold. The newest feature I have liked is this password game when you listen to the radio to earn prizes such as a Rare Candy. Unlike Silver and Gold back then, they did not include that until Crystal was released. I still liked the game. It was well worth my time.