just started....abilities question.

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Ok, I just started playing and i saw that with eevee, it's ability activates when defeating an enemy. What about Jigglypuff's sleep ability? Does it just activate randomly? the game didn't give a good description.
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It's random as long as a pokemon is in range. (I think it's a 3-space radius or something, I didn't pay attention.
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The ability activates with the fact that if one of your allies gets hit in jigglypuff's 3 range then they get affected.

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ahh ok thanks. that explains it a little better. I have yet to see it activate lol
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I would go with the other person's idea. I have yet to see the real reason but i don't really need Oichi's Jigglypuff ability all that much. How far are you in the game?

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Honestly, Jigglypuff becomes useless after unlocking the ability to Link with other Pokemon. I was annoyed at how Oichi can't Perfect Link with Wigglytuff. =/