This game owes me my childhood.

User Rating: 9.4 | Pokemon Blue Version GB
From the 16th July 1999 to early 2003 this game stole all my free time. I mean every minute of my free time. On the first day I got it, my Squirtle was a Blastoise. That's just how hooked on it I was. It is the ONLY game I own that I spent over 200 hours on. And no wonder. There's something about this game, it's unidentifiable, but magical, It's what makes it so good, absorbing and addicting. And it's found in all the portable Pokemon games. Seriously, the magic this game brought to the world was incomparable. From the minute Prof. Oak asks you your name, to the minute you find yourself in the hall of fame the journey is magical. If you own the game you will remember that magic moment when you pick your first Pokemon. And you felt like god when you beat your rival, whatever you named him. 50% Of people at my School named him after Ash’s rival in the T.V. show (Gary), the other 50% named him after someone they hate or a joke (For example “I Stink” When you’re 8 it gets a few laughs, O.K.)

This is one of the best games the geniuses at Nintendo have turned out ever. It’s just so engaging and I have no idea why, I mean sure it’s a bit dated now, but in it’s hey day it was the dogs danglies, everyone played it. It’s hard for the new generation to understand how ground breaking this was. Think about all the merchandise that came after it, Trading Cards, Soft Toys, Cartoons… That’s just how popular it was

Compared to the new GBA releases this game is dated, very much so. Back then there was 150 Pokemon and Mew, nowadays there is 300+ which is too many. The game is even outdated compared to Gold/Silver. But if I focus on the bad points of Pokemon, you’ll get the wrong impression.

The connectivity feature with Pokemon Stadium is good. But, it’ll cost you more money to buy the transfer pak. But it’s worth it. It was beautiful to see to your Pokemon in 3D, but now, it’s nothing compared to Ruby/Sapphire linked up to Coliseum.

You get really attached to your Pokemon, almost as if they were pets, just like Ash got attached to his Pikachu you really love those little critters, unless, like my friend you care only for 1 or 2, and neglect the rest. If this is the case just be thankful it isn’t Gold/Silver you’re playing, the happiness rater guy (Big Macs must make him really happy) would be all over you.

An interesting feature is the name rater. I think this is one of the few games where you have the ability to change the name of your party, even if they are Pokemon. However if the Pokemon to be “rated” was traded to you you couldn’t rename him..or her you didn’t get told in those days.

Linking up with friends was fun. You could trade Pokemon with your best friends or humiliate/be humiliated by (delete as appropriate) them. I remember the playground was filled with people trading and battling, however, the real bonuses and good features of connectivity wouldn’t come around ‘till Pokemon Gold/Silver.

Fire Red and Leaf Green have removed the magic from this game, and I feel like such a sell-out when I play them, the music and events may bring back many happy memories of playing Pokemon in Spain, and near the Highlands in freezing weather, but it looses it's appeal.

Gameplay- 10/10
One word will describe it all- Classic. No game would be as highly regarded as this on graphics and music alone.

Graphics- 7/10
Dated now, and every little character looks like they need to lay off the Big Macs.

Sound- 9/10
I like the music, others will hate it, but it’s pretty catchy and well, retro.

You will not get bored of this game. 2 player will keep you and some friends amused for hours. If you can’t beat them, you’ll be motivated to train your squad and vice versa.

- Very engaging
- 2p link-up. Hours of battling friends
- You’ll get attached to those little beggars.
- A true classic

- So engaging, you may think about nothing but Pokemon…
- …And also end up spending a small fortune on batteries.
- Can be frustrating
- In today’s world people make fun of you for liking Pokemon, it used to be very different.

So, I would strongly recommend this game, then to extend your Poke collection, buy Gold/Silver, then Ruby or Sapphire. Then Fire Red.