Another exciting chapter in the series of Pokemon :)

User Rating: 9 | Pocket Monsters Black DS
What can I say about Pokemon Black? I've played almost every Pokemon that's came out except Pokemon Platinum. The formula's been the same. You start a journey with a beginner Pokemon and travel to different places catching all kinds to fill the Poke dex. While most people complain about it, but me I was shocked by how much has changed. You can actually use three Pokemon to battle this time. Before it was only one then two, but three SWEET! Also the new Pokemon look awesome. I'm close to getting Vicitini who's only around until the 10th of this month. Yeah no pressure there. The graphics are cleaner and great to watch all the time. The sound is crisp and it sounds realistic also. I thought there would be no more colors after heart gold and soul silver. Well I feel these will be the final Pokemon games. I mean how many colors are left to make games. Purple,Orange, Lilac, Chartuse, Opal, Jade? Sorry i couldn't help myself with those colors. So to finish these latest installments are amazing and worth alot to any Pokemon fan or to anyone who hasn't tried any at all.