Friend Code Needed For White Forest.

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I'm trying to Get Friend Codes For White Forest and Need Help. Want to Exchange Friend Codes. I Have White Version and this Is My Friend Code and Name on the Game Name: Brandon Friend Code: 1550-2630-2113
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Anyone Plz????????
#3 Posted by Smellyhand137 (25 posts) -
My fc is :2795-5573-3688
#4 Posted by bacfire123 (25 posts) -
hiya pal im alan im also on black but i would like some friends on it would you add me ive already added you on mine. my friend code is: 2838-0003-2853 cheers pal
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I want to add friends to my Pal Pad. 4685 8436 2920 that's my code anybody want to exchange codes for Pokémon game name Eric
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add me back . 4685 8436 2920 Game Name: Eric