Black Nuzlocke

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Alrighty.  Well, decided to have a go at Pokemon Black Version through the Nuzlocke Challenge. The rules I'll be following are: 1. if it faints, it's gotta be released. 2. Can only catch/recieve one pokemon per area, and must be the first one encountered. 3. No items, in or outside of battle (excluding repels and pokeballs). 4. Nickname em all. 5. No legendaries. Also, not really a rule, but I will be doing play-by-play of all important battles, but not really write about any grinding or battles in between routes. Important battles include: team plasma, gyms, elite four, and "rivals." Also, imporant information will be reported, when it happens. So, well, let us begin.

 So, the game begins as most know in my bedroom, where I am introduced to my friends (how are the my friends if introductions are needed?) and it's time to pick the first pokemon!  Woot!  Granted, this is one of the most difficult decisons in the Pokemon world, so let's see the options:

Oshawott: an otter that later on turns into a walrus narwhal thing.  Water type.


Tepig: a pig that evolves into a larger pig in a wrestling leotard. Fire now, turns into fire/fighting.


Snivy: a snake that evolves into a bigger snake.  Grass type.


In all honesty I've never been to fond of the starters in this game, overall not impressive.  They stick with the fire/fighting, but don't add any additional types to the other two, which sucks.  It almost limits people to either take the overused, unexciting type combination, or be stuck with a single type.  But I'm not here to complain, here to play a game, so...

I've never used Snivy through the whole game before, so Snivy it is!  Mwahahahaha! Not really, stupid grass type...wanted it to be a challenge I suppose. ANYWAYS, so the other two folks take theirs, and it's time for the first battle!  Awesome sauce!  So first, Bianca:

Bianca sends out Oshawott!

Go Snivy!

SNIVY USED TACKLE! About a third of the dirty otters health down.

OSHAWOTT USED TACKLE! Five health gone?!?! What is this nonsense?!?!

SNIVY USED TACKLE! Down to yellow.

OSHAWOTT USED TACKLE! Dangit, so is Snivy! 9 health left, uh-oh...

SNIVY USED TACKLE! Critical friggin hit! WHOOO! Oshawott goes down. Oh my good gravy, that was rough.

So, now Cheren wants to fight.  Course, after they complain about runing my bedroom. Odd that in previous games, we've battled in all locations yet never destroyed a single piece of furniture.  Anyways, onto the next battle:

Cheren sends out Tepig!

Go! Snivy!

SNIVY USED TACKLE! Alrighty, so it looks like it's just gonna be the same exact battle...

TEPIG USED TACKLE! Down by five health, huh yup same exact battle.

SNIVY USED TACKLE!  Tepig is in the yellow! Holy good graces!

TEPIG USED TAIL WHIP! Why? Because logic sucks, that's why.

SNIVY USED TACKLE! Down to red, seemed like that tail whip worked exactly as he planned...

TEPIG USED TAIL WHIP! Well, that's it, I should probably just quit playing this game. I apparently am not understanding something here...

SNIVY USED TACKLE! And yea, piggy goes bye-bye.  And Snivy gains a level! Hooray!

Alrighty! Well, as expected, the first part was pretty stickin' easy.  Now for the fifteen minutes of talking, we'll go ahead and skip past that part...and onto Route 1! Snivy has now been named Grady, and we are off to find out who joins our team next.

Oprah has joined the team! A female Patrat, level 2. So, now it's time for some grinding, which I won't bore you with.

Now, we have grinded a bit and entered into Accumula city.  After the quick tour of the pokecenter, we listen to the speech by Ghetsis(right? I may have misspelled it, not willing to look it up), then battle our good buddy N!  At this point, Grady is level 8 and Oprah is level 5.  Let's see how it goes!

N sends out Purrloin!

Go! Oprah! (heh-heh)

PURRLOIN USED GROWL! Well, crap that's not what I was hoping for.

OPRAH USED LEER! So, essentially, nothing happened. Awesome.

PURRLOIN USED SCRATCH! Dang! Down by 9 health in one hit?!

OPRAH USED BITE! Yea, I made a mistake, I hit the wrong button. Stupid touch screen. Not very effective, very little health lost.

PURRLOIN USED SCRATCH! Awesome. 8 health left.

OPRAH USED LEER! Yea, take that Well, dang, time for different tactics.

COME BACK OPRAH! GO GRADY! Yea, not too proud of this move, but don't want to lose anybody this early.

PURRLOIN USED SCRATCH! 4 damage, okay.

GRADY USED VINE WHIP! Theeeere we go. Purrloin is in the red.


GRADY USED VINE WHIP! Annnnnd, no more Purrloin.

So, N does his little talk off then leaves, Cheren talks some more about...something.  Now the game begins! Whoo-hoo! So first things first, hit up the pokecenter and heal my party back up, then we head over to route 2, hopefully to find ourselves a new friend! Oh yea, and running shoes! How on earth did we ever play these games before such an awesome invention?  Well, so we run into the grass and BAM! Manuel the Lillipup joins the team. Dandy.  Time for some grinding now, hoping to get through the first gym...

Well, crap. The life and times of Oprah was short lived. Oprah was hit by a critical hit from a wild Patrat, and died. All right before, a battle with Bianca.

Bianaca sends out Lillipup!

Go! Grady!

GRADY USED VINE WHIP! In the yellow, alrighty.

LILLIPUP USED TACKLE! 5 damage, okey dokey.

GRADY USED VINE WHIP! Lillipup, is finished. ADIOS!

Bianca sends out Oshawott!

GRADY USED VINE WHIP! And well that was that.  Fun fight!

Moving on to Striaton City, and straight to the pokecenter to...sniff...release Oprah (side note, surprisingly fun to get rid of Oprah, but only for the sake of the name).  Well, already lost one, that's no good.  Gotta buck up and be a bit more careful. Now, onto the Dreamyard! Alright. A few trainers, nothing too special, but now the big question: do I want the monkey, or the Munna?  Since can only have one pokemon from this area, have to decide which one is better, and which one is going to help out more in the long run. Real tough one, took me awhile to decide, thinking hard and...not really. Quite easy. Yanni the Panpour joins the team! Stupid, stupid munnas...

Well doesn't look like gonna get to the first gym tonight, so I'll stop for now. Team is presently: Yanni level 10 Panpour, Grady level 12 Snivy, and Manuel level 10 Lillipup. Whoo!

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WELL OKAY THEN! Round 2 of this Nuzlocke challenge.  So, after some grinding, my pokemans are currently: Yanni the Panpour level 12, Grady the Snivy level 14, and Manuel the Lillipup level 11.  So, although I mentioned earlier that all rival battles would be recorded, I did battle Cheren at the school and did not record it. Sorry. I will admit that Grady was brought down to 1 health, but with a quick switch was able to beat said Cheren without a problem. Anyways, with said levels, I am about to start the gym. Let us see how it all plays out...


So, a restaurant?!?! AWESOME! I've always wanted to eat a virtual meal in a virtual world. So let's see what's on the menu. Well as to be expected, the first person I meet offers me water. How thoughtful. Anyways, after claimng my fresh water, we proceed to the first challenge: which type beats fire?!?! Well, obviously of course it's grass type. So I step on the green and, nope, well apparently I was wrong. Anyways, well, no, that was a joke, I did in fact pick water, so here comes our first battle in the gym!


Waiter Maxwell wants to battle! (dang, I wish waiter Maxwell would just want to take my friggin order!)

Maxwell sends out Lillipup!

Go! Yanni!

YANNI USED WATER GUN! Dang, only a quarter?!? Grimer on a stick.

LILLIPUP USED TACKLE! Dang again, seriously?!? 9 damage!??!

YANNI USED WATER GUN! YES! Lillipup is in the yellow! You sorry son of a Spinda!

LILLIPUP USED TACKLE! Wait, wait, Yanni is in the yellow?!?!? What?!?!? NO I WILL NOT LOSE YANNI!

YANNI USED LICK! OH MY FRIGGIN ARCEUS IT DIDN'T DO ANYTHING??!?!?!?!? anyways that was a joke, Yanni used Water Gun, and that was that. Maxwell ended up tipping ME! YEAAAAAA!

Well, onto the next challenge. Blue curtain, and...this time I will not play stupid.  Obviously orange. So I pick orange, and yes! The curtain opens! WHOOOO! GO ORANGE! Well, onto this little waitress Tia!

Tia sent out Patrat!

Go! Yanni!

YANNI USED WATER GUN! Dangit, really?!? that little? Only about a quarter...

PATRAT USED BITE! Oh my good gracious...Yanni is down to 2 health...well this should be fun...


PATRAT USED LEER! Dangit, seriously ma'am?!? I don't need that right now...

MANUEL USED BITE! Yessss, Patrat is almost dead, down to that yellow should-be-red part.

PATRAT USED BITE! Crap. Manuel lost almost half his health! But he is still green...yes you dirty son of a gun, let's do this!

PATRAT USED BIDE! Well. She sure is doing her job as a waitress, handing me this battle on a silver plater...

MANUEL USED BITE! Dang, well, that's that. End o story! Oh wait, no, not quite, really?!?! What does she have next?!?!?

Tia sent out Purrloin! Crap. Now Manuel's strongest attack won't be as effective. Now what to do...

PURRLOIN USED GROWL! Well not what I was hoping for...

MANUEL USED LEER! Glad we are back at square one. Huh. That was a fun turn. Let's try again..

PURRLOIN USED SAND-ATTACK! Well, that is also no fun. Now even if I try to hit I won't...

MANUEL USED LEER! And yea, can anybody guess where this is going..?

PURRLOIN USED ASSIST! PURRLOIN USED BIDE! Oh crap. That, that might be the end of someone. MUUUUUUK!


PURRLOIN IS STORING ENERGY! Store away you son of a Ho-Oh, as long as Manuel doesn't miss...

MANUEL USED TACKLE! Bam. BAM. bam. Purrloin is out, and Manuel is now level 12!!!!!! whoooooooooo! And no, Muk you're Helping Hand. Anyways, so I collect said tips from said waitress..thank you Tia!  Then I step on the red mat, still pretty hungry and still pretty disgruntled, but I then stumble upon GASP! the three gym leaders! Oh crap, well time to leave! Yea I pull a sad, sad move and head to the pokecenter. HEAL TIME! Duh-duh-dun-duh, duh-duh, dun-duh HEAL TIME! Anyways....time to take on my first gym leader. Team update, in order of team: Manuel level 12 Lillipup, Grady level 14 Snivy, and Yanni level 12 Panpour. Now may be a good time to point out that I've lost before with an even higher team of even better Pokemans for the challenge, but for this to be an honest Nuzlocke CHALLENGE, I must go in and face my demons head on.  So, let us see what you've got sir Chili...

Chili sends out Lillipup!

Go! Manuel!

LILLIPUP USED WORK UP! Oh crap, really? That's not right...

MANUEL USED BITE! Well, down by a quarter, better than being down by a dime...

LILLIPUP USED WORK UP! Oh, my goodness. This may end up badly...

MANUEL USED BITE! Down to yellow, hopefully one moooorrrrreeee...

LILLIPUP USED BITE! Dangit! Wait, not too horrible, down by 1 less than half health...

MANUEL FLINCHED! Well, Vanillite on a stick.  That's not polite!

LILLIPUP USED BITE! Holy. Holy cow. Manuel is down to one health. Oh please make your hit worth something...

MANUEL USED BITE! CRI...CRI...CRITICAL HIT! Well, that makes up for your poor move earlier Manuel. I am quite proud now.

Chili sends out Pansear! Well that sucks, now I have to change right away, without the one up I was hoping to have...

Go! Yanni!

PANSEAR USED WORK UP! Well that...that is not great...let me tell ya....

PANSEAR USED WORK UP!, you better shine or you better...pack up your stuff and get ready to leave...

YANNI USED WATER GUN! Well, down by a quarter...not shining you crazy diamond...

PANSEAR USED INCINERATE! Oh...oh my goodness. 8...8...damage...dam-age. Da-mage.  That's it?!?!

YANNI USED WATER GUN! Bam! Down to red! How you feel now mister red monkey?!?!?

Chili used Potion! You, you unpolite person you!

YANNI USED WATER GUN! CRITICAL HIT! one more time CRITICAL HIT! WHOOOOOO!!!! So. ummm...looks like we won. It uh-huh, would appear that way. Yup. Hahahahahahahahaha!

So the conversation continues, I obtain a badge (MUK YEA!) and a TM (whoo?) and now, it is time...for me to save and end the game for the night. But, so far so good. Beat the first gym without losing a single soul, and ready to see what greater challenges await me...

EDIT: To my rules, I forgot to mention, that I am unable to repeat catch, meaning I cannot catch anything I've caught before, and if my first in said area happens to be one I've met before, well I am therefore SOL. Also, I am not looking at any online faqs or anything as I play this game. All knowledge of upcoming challenges is based off of previous knowledge (which after playing conquest, isn't that great) but also I have no idea whether or not a Pokemon is good or not unless I had looked at them in the past. Well, hope you are enjoying it so far, again sometime please!


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Well. That's just terrible. I was typing as I was playing, and I hit a button and the page reloaded.  So, what I've learned, is now I have to start copying what I type after awhile. Mainly because I tend to hit the wrong button often, and I am quite too lazy to retype anything I've already typed. My apologies...

WELL, trust me, I had typed up everything about the Dream Yard against the grunts, with my encounter with Fennel (I was honestly quite proud of my jokes about her wanting Dream Dust, while sitting, staring at the wall, and needing me to go get it for her, and giving me, I thought it was a great joke), and with my second battle with Cheren. I was just about to introduce my newest member to the group: Windex! The...Purrloin. Of all the Pokemon I could catch on Route 2, I end up getting Purrloin.  Welp, we get what we get. Anyways, we now to the point where upon entering Wellspring Cave, Cheren asks if I am ready. I answer HECK YEA LET'S DO THIS THING! YEAAAA! So I enter the cave and find out, that nope, I didn't have to answer that I was ready. Because I can still run around and leave. WELL! Let me find another new Pokemon to catch...OH MY FRIGGIN GOODNESS I RAN INTO A CLOUD OF DUST BEFORE I ENCOUNTERED ANY OTHER POKEMON! I AM NOW IN A BATTLE, WITH A DRILBUR! THE GOD'S HAVE SHOWN THEIR LIGHT UPON ME AND I MUST HONOR THEIR CALL! That would be awesome. Let me tell ya. But, nope, instead we have Roggenrola on our team now, appropriately named Purina (PUPPY CHOW!). Well, I need to state now that I am not happy with my current team. I appreciate them all, and am proud of all they've done, BUT I wish I had a few different options. Oh well, time to level up and get ready to fight me some more grunts! WHOO!

Okay, an hour later and now the team is quite different! We have Windex, level 15 Purrloin, Yanni, level 15 Panpour, Grady level 17 SERVINE, Manuel level 16 HERDIER, and Purina, level 15 Roggenrolla. Looking back, should have named Purina Ozzy instead, that way later on when she beats a Woobat, it's humorous. Moving on...into the cave to fight some grunts!

Grunt send out Patrat!

Go! Purina!

PATRAT USED DETECT! Awesome! happens this round...

PURINA USED ROCK BLAST! Yeaaa. Nothing happens.

PATRAT USED BIDE! Well crap. That may cause a problem.

PURINA USED ROCK BLAST! Bam. Bam. BAM! Nevermind. That was easy. Oh darn it, more of em?!?

Grunt sends out Patrat!

Grunt sends out Patrat!

Cheren sends out Tepig!

Go! Purina!

TEPIG USED EMBER! One Patrat is down a bit...

PATRAT USED BITE! Purina loses 4 health...

PATRAT USED BITE! Tepig loses 7 health...

PURINA USED ROCK BLAST! On the same one Ember was used on, so of course, he's gone.

TEPIG USED EMBER! Again, down by a bit...

PATRAT USED BITE! Purina is down by 4 more health...

PURINA USED ROCK BLAST! And that would be all that she wrote. More talking, blah de blah, and yea! Little girl gets her Pokemon back! And now I can proceed with my journey. Time for some more grinding, I know the next gym is going to be a bit of a toughie, so, yea, that's what I will be doing now. Grinding and hopefully gym tomorrow! Thanks readers, all two of you, for your support! Sorry about that first part being pretty boring. I was hoping to have more, but I don't...problem with playing while I type I suppose...

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Just a small update. Grinding now. Have made it to Nacrene City, have had Cheren interrupt me TWICE to provide me with useless information (I now say CHEREN! the same way Randy says SHARON! on South Park when he's upset. Makes me feel better about his unneccesary interruptions), and have had to make a line up change. Unfortunately, Windex has passed. During a clutch moment against a Blitzle, she missed and was knocked out. Windex will be missed. Although she has been replaced. I caught a wild Tympole, and named her...Stacys Mom.  And, after some grinding, the team sits at:

Grady, level 21 Servine, Yanni level 19 Panpour, Purina level 20 Roggenrola, Manuel level 19 Herdier, and Stacys Mom level 19 Tympole.

Oh, other rules I added: no Audino farming! I may battle one if it appears, but unable to run around JUST battling Audinos. Also, no Daycare Center. Did I mention that before? Maybe...if not it's mentioned now. So, yea, tomorrow off to the new gym! SO EXCIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITED! WHOO! Anyways...yea...excuse me...

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My apologies, but today is another small update. I have been without internet the past few days, but still continued to play the game. My apologies to anybody (is there?) who may have been following along, but I will not be doing a play by play of the second gym. Oh well. Of course, I beat N without a problem. Also, no TRAINERS in the gym were a problem. Just, of course, Lenora.  I will have to admit that Lenora has given me some troubles in the past, always with that stupid Watchog of hers. So I made sure everyone on my team was AT LEAST level 20 before doing battle with her. Everything went horribly.

I did it last night, so it is difficult to recall EXACTLY what happened, but I do recall using Purina at first against the Herdier. At first I raised Purina's defenses, and Mud Slapped the heck out of Herdier. Seemed alright, until a Critcal-Hit dropped Purina down to 2 health. So, quickly I switched Yanni in, since I needed others to have health against the stupid praire dog.  Well, it did not go over too well. Lorena ended up using a Super Potion, fully healing her pup, then knocking Yanni out with another Critical-Hit Takedown. This took my several minutes of staring at my screen. I was so excited to use Yanni! I'm not a big fan of Tympole's evolutions, and never tried out any of the monkeys before, but a las that dream has been crushed.

Well, Grady saved the day. Herdier was in the yellow when Yanni passed, so one Leaf Tornado and that puppy was whipped. Shoulda taught Yanni Rolled Up Newspaper, that would've prolly done the trick. ANYWAYS, onto the dreaded Watchog! Wasn't too bad. Leech Seed won the match for me. After the before mentioned move to start, and one Leaf Tornado, Watchie couldn't connect a single blow. Course, by this time, Grady was at half health. Grady needed one more hit, but instead was put to sleep! It was a clutch moment I swears. Grady was asleep, with little health to boot, and Watchie was down in the deep red. I decided to take a chance...and it worked. Grady stayed asleep (lazy little...) and Watchie decided to use Leer for some reason, and the Leech Seed did the rest! Wham-Bam-Thank-You-Watchie (at this point, having typed that name so much, I'm going to miss him...).  SO I collected my badge, and currently am dealing with the Plasma crap. I haven't entered Pinwheel yet, but will probably tonight, and hopefully will be able to give a play by play of that adventure to make up for this mishap. ANYWAYS, onwards!

Sniff...remembering the past...Oprah, the Patrat, Windex, the Purrloin, and now Yanni, the Panpour. All will be missed, your efforts for grand (well, except for you Windex. You screwed up horribly and I'm glad you're gone).

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OKAY. Well, so we are going to skip ahead. I apologize. Was pretty busy lately, had time to play but not time to post anything online. I know, conundrum. But oh wells, we'll live, I promise. Well, today we're going to do a gym battle! YAY!

SO, new line up, sorta. Have captured several new Pokemon, and haven't lost any. SO, there are now Pokemons in the box! WHOO! At least a little bit of assurance in case somebody dies...anyways, current team is: Cheryl, the level 27 Darumaka. Manuel, the level 27 Herdier. Grady, the level 28 Servine. Stacys Mom, the level 26 Palpitoad (not enough room for Stacy's Mom, so forgive the "typo"). Purina, the level 28 Boldore. And lastly, Karl, the level 26 Yamask. WELL, so, onto...the Nimbasa gym!! Like I said, we're skipping ahead a bit...even inside the gym a bit...heh-heh...

WELL, stupid roller coasters. I remember back when gyms had challenges before the gym leader. Not direct paths that require you to push a button that is RIGHT in front of you. Oh well. SO, let's see who is first for today...after of course we sit and wait for the stupid roller coasters to arrive.

Rich Boy Cody wants to fight! You stinkin rich kid you...

Cody sends out Blitzle!

Go! Purina!

BLITZLE USED FLAME CHARGE! 4 damage, awesome possum.

PURINA USED MUD-SLAP! CRITICAL HIT! Whooooooo! Blitzy is down in the low yellow. AND accuracy is lowered?!?! It just might be my day...



Well, onto the next we step forward and there's no roller coaster zooming by, and a button laying on the ground. Using logic, I decide to run into where the roller coaster should be for a few minutes. Should do the trick, right? Hmmm. Noooo. That's not it. Well, I'm stumped. Looks like that's the end of the Nuzlocke, if I can't move forward I can't beat the game. Well hopefully you enjoyed reading, I know I skipped some parts, but thanks for trying to keep up to date anyways. It was all my pleasure, I assure you...










I step on the button. The roller coaster changes. And...what?!?! I wasn't expecting a trainer! This time not joking! Well, time to see what this prissy chick wants...oh, a battle, alrighty.

Rich Boy Rolan wants to battle! Wait...what did I miss...oh, apparently I was very very wrong...

Rolan sends out Blitzle!

Go! Purina!

FLAME CHARGE! 3 damage, plus a speed increase?!?! I'm nervous...

MUD-SLAP! 1/3 damage. Not a critical hit, but I'll take it.

PURSUIT! 2 damage. That speed boost is really helping now...

MUD-SLAP! 1/3 damage. Fair enough!

SHOCKWAVE! 11 Damage?! Er, not what I was hoping for...

MUDSLAP! Wait...wait, what? Only ALMOST dead?!?! Maybe I need to relearn my mathematics a bit...

THUNDERWAVE! Darn. That...that's not pleasant.

POWER GEM! Done. Oh yea.

Rolan sends out Blitzle!

Come back Purina! Go, Stacys Mom!

STACYS MOM USED MUD SHOT! One hit, K-O. Apparently somebody's got it goin on (yes, that's the only reason I named her that :D). Now madame! Wait, no, sir, give me yer moneys and move aside! I must wait several seconds for the coaster to arrive...wait, this coaster actually has a downward slope?!? Honestly so far that's the only real coaster so far. Okay, screw you purple button, I'ma take this next coaster. Unless dangit, this...yes, confirmed...girl hops out of it! Well, here we go...

Challenged by Lady Collette!

Collette sends out Emolga!

Go! Purina!

EMOLGA USED SPARK! Grimer on a shingle, in the mid yellow now...

PURINA USED SMACK-DOWN! Crap. Only ALMOST dead. Stupid squirrel things.

EMOLGA USED SPARK! Down to 15 health! Uh-oh, come on missy land thiiiiis!

PURINA IS PARALYZED! Dangit. Not what I wanted. Time to think a little...

Come back, Purina! Go! Stacys Mom!

EMOLGA USED SPARK! It does nothing. MWAHAHAHA! I know...stupid tactic...

EMOLGA USED DOUBLE TEAM! Really?!?! No. Let's not start this, please...

STACYS MOM USED BUBBLEBEAM! And it hits?! Okey-dokey! Looks like...that's it?! Awesome! Now let's see, should probably go heal, just to play it safe. Another horrible tactic. I'm not too proud. BUT, after a quick heal, we hop back into the gym and go through coaster rig-a-ma-roll (is that how it's spelled? ah well too lazy to check). WHEE! A LOOP DEE LOOP! Well. Time, for the gym battle! Grrrr!

Elesea challenges me! (wait, didn't I technically challenge her..?)

Elesea sends out Emolga! DANG YOU SQUIRREL!

Go! Purina!

EMOLGA USED VOLT SWITCH! Really? That's not nice!

Emolga is switched with...Emolga! Oh, well that's okay then!

PURINA USED SMACK DOWN! One hit K-O. One squirrel out of the way. And a level up! It tis a great day indeed.

Elesea sends out Emolga! Man I hate these things...

EMOLGA USED VOLT SWITCH! Was anybody really surprised by that? Purina is now in the low yellow, and Zebstrika is now on the battlefield. Maybe I was celebrating a bit too early...

PURINA USED SMACK DOWN! Well, maybe 1/3 of it's health is gone. I think?

Purina, come back! Go! Stacys Mom!


ZEBSTRIKA USED QUICK ATTACK! Dang, 20 damage?! Decent hit...

STACYS MOM USED MUD SHOT! Down to the red, would be sweet except for what is coming up next...

Elesea used the Hyper Potion! Good for you. Good, for, you!

STACYS MOM USED MUD SHOT! Again, maybe 1/3? 7/15? 99/137? Not sure. BUT speed is lowered! Pretty cool...

ZEBSTRIKA USED QUICK ATTACK! Well that speed thing didn't help too much now did...

STACYS MOM USED MUD SHOT! Almost dead now! And speed is lowered again, if that's important...

Ohp, well, Elsea uses a hyper potion again. Dizang.

STACYS MOM USED...nope, she missed...double dizang!

ZEBSTRIKA USED QUICK ATTACK! This time it did 1 damage less. Stacys Mom has 21 health, and so far it's been doing only 20. Clutch moment.

STACYS MOM USED MUD SHOT! Alright, so back to whatever that percentage is.

ZEBSTRIKA USED QUICK ATTACK! I was right! Stacys Mom has 1 health left! COME ON CRITICAL HIIIIIT!

STACYS MOM USED MUD SHOT! ZEBSTRIKA IS...down in the red. Dang dang dang. Hmmmm...

Come back! Stacys Mom! Go, Karl!

ZEBSTIKA USED QUICK ATTACK! Heh-heh. I just wanted to see that happen...nothing.

KARL USED OMINOUS WIND! Adios Zebstrika, you fought valiantly, and even though I didn't fight valiantly at all, it was a great battle. Ahem.

Elesea sends out Emolga!

Come back Karl! Go, Grady!

EMOLGA USED AERIAL ACE! WOW that was a bad move on my part.


Grrr, really hoping for some luck here...come back Grady! Go! Purina!

EMOLGA USED AERIAL ACE! Not much damage. Okay, well so Purina is almost dead, but hopefully can get one hit in...

EMOLGA USED VOLT SWITCH! Oh...oh no! No! Please! NOOOOOOOO! PURINA!!!!!! Purina...faints...this doesn't look good...

Ummm...Go! Karl!

EMOLGA USED PURSUIT! It's super effective! Not terrible but come on! Seriously I hate these friggin squirrels! Does it have everything against me?!?!

KARL USED WILL-O-WISP! Burned. In an unhealthy manner.

EMOLGA USED PURSUIT! Not too terrible, a little bit more than half health left.

KARL USED HEX! Critical hit?!?! Emolga faints?!?! WHOOO!! Yea! Rock on little buddy! Oh...wait, that brings back sad memories of rock little buddy...sniff...but no, Karl has definitely secured itself as a regular member of the team! Well, Elesea has been defeated, and looks like I gots me a new badge! At a price, but now we can move on and catch more goodies!

Well, that's all the time for tonight...ummm...yea. Next badge will be up shortly!

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No major updates. Been grinding, trying to get everyone to level 30 before entering the cold storage for that little waste of time. Anyways, have caught new friends! Gonna go down the list for now:


Dill-Bill level 29 Ducklett, Gerburge level 30 Trubbish, Mr. Swirly level 25 Vanillite, Cheryl level 28 Darumaka, Karl level 27 Yamask, and Grady level 31 Servine.


Manuel level 27 Herdier, Butch level 19 male Gothita, Stacys Mom level 27 Palpitoad, and Quentin level 22 Karrablast.

I remember reading a lot in the past about how horrible Ducklett, Trubbish, and Vanillite are. Hence, why they are now on my team. Except Mr. Swirly, I actually like Vanillite's. But again this is supposed to be a challenge! Anyways. Hopefully have the Cold Storage and Gym tonight! Maybe...probably not, but maybe...

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SO, time for some postage. We are currently in the Cold Storage, getting ready to take on some Plasma grunts! Because that sounds like a hoot and half. FIRST GRUNT!

Grunt sends out Watchog!

Go! Grady!

GRADY USED LEAF STORM! About a third of it's health. Or whatever. It's still green. And accuracy is lowered! Decent start.

WATCHOG USED HYPNOSIS! Nope, it missed. Good start!

GRADY USED VINE WHIP! Figure mix it up, he's better at attacking anyways. Down to the red! YESSSS.

WATCHOG USED HYPNOSIS! It hit! Dangit this is where things change a bit. sleeping.

SUPER FANG!?!?! NO! ARE NOT ALLOWED! The Watchog missed. still sleeping. Tired old fool.

QUIT TRYING TO USE SUPER FANG! IT IS NOT NICE!...but definitely keep missing if you do.

GRADY WAKES UP! AND VINE WHIPS WATCHOG TO DEATH! Woot. The hard one is at least dead, right? What's next...

Grunt sends out Scraggy! Crap. I no like thems...

GRADY USED LEECH SEED! Wanna be gangsta is seeded.

SCRAGGY USED PAYBACK! Ouch. 25 health gone, and I didn't even actually attack him. Scary...

Grady! Return! Go! Gerburge!

SCRAGGY USED BRICK BREAK! Pfffft. You just karate chopped a trash bag. And after leech seed, Gerby's only lost 1 health!

GERBURGE USED SLUDGE BOMB! Scraggy is almost dead and ALSO Poisoned! Kinda feel bad, poisoned AND seeded, AND can't keep his pants on. Rough day.

SCRAGGY USED BRICK BREAK! Haha. Very funny. And after the other affects, it has one health left!!!

GERBURGE USED DOUBLE SLAP! Just to be nice. Not too sure why people hate on the trash bag. It's pretty sweet! Especially when 6 levels higher than it's opponent...but...ONTO THE NEXT GRUNNNNNNT!

Grunt sends out Liepard!

Go! Gerburge!

LIEPARD USED FURY SWIPES! Gerby evaded the attack! I might truly have found a new love...

GERBURGE USED ACID SPRAY! A small chunk lost, but the loss of special defense is priceless!

LIEPARD USED TORMENT! Dangit, you tormented my trash bag! That...seems like an odd thing to do on a Monday night...

GERBURGE USED SLUDGE BOMB! And a las, the Liepard has fallen. Kinda reminds me of Windex...oh to have my own creepy kitty right time for tears though, here comes: yet another Grunt!

Grunt sends out Trubbish!

Go! Gerburge! This should be by far the greatest battle I've had to date. Let's see what happens...

GERBURGE USED ACID SPRAY! Very little damage, as expected...but BAM watch that special D just fly away.

TRUBBISH USED STOCKPILE! Sooo...does that mean the Grunt just added more trash..? Dunno, Gerby is too good for such a lame move, so I will never find out myself.

GERBURGE USED ACID SPRAY! Again, very little damage, but no more special defense. Granted, I suppose technically this should be stockpiling for the opponent as well, right?

TRUBBISH USED STOCKPILE! Hmmm...getting kinda nervous about that Spit-Up move...

GERBURGE USED SLUDGE BOMB! That lowered special defense came in play, the Trubbish gets wasted. You figure out your own pun. WELL that should be more than enough for me. Time to end it for the night. Goodnight every...wait, dangit one more?! Okay...

Grunt sends out Sandile!

Go! Dill-Bill! Dang, glad I made that switch!


Grunt sends out Watchog!

Come back, Dill-Bill! Go, Grady!

GRADY USED LEECH SEED! Seeded stupid dog.

WATCHOG USED CRUNCH! Critical hit! Dangit Grady is in the yellow...

Come back, Grady! Go! Cheryl!

WATCHOG USED CRUNCH! Not too bad, total of 14 after the leech seed...

WATCHOG USED CRUNCH! Stop it! Bad Watchog!

CHERYL USED FIRE PUNCH! Watchog stopped. Alrighty!

Well, seems like that was...pretty easy. Ready for a gym now! YEA! Well, at least, tomorrow we will be...

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ALRIGHTY! Well, so, we beat the grunts. YAY! So, we watch as the Gym Leader and a bunch of guys who hangout in a freezer pretend to be a police force. Kinda weird in my opinion. SO the Plasmas are escorted out, and we're off to the gym! WHOOP! Before entering the gym, we of course have to deal with the horrible justice system releasing the supposed criminals, and also Cheren shows he has played one too many games of Mortal Kombat. WELL, onto our first challenger. Let us see who it is...

Worker Felix wants to battle!

Felix sends out Palpitoad!

Go! Dill-Bill! (I did not change my team from my last battle, oops..)

Come back Dill-Bill! Go! Grady!

PALPITOAD USED AQUA RING! You tricky...frog thing you!

GRADY USED VINE WHIP! Glad they used Aqua Ring. Would have been a HUGE waste of a...oh wait. It dead. WHOO!

Work sends out Drilbur!

Come back, Grady! Go! Dill-Bill!

DRILBUR USED METAL CLAW! Not very effective, alright...

DILL-BILL USED BUBBLEBEAM! Dang, not a one hit KO? Now I may know why people hate this duck...


DILL-BILL USED BUBBLEBEAM! Dead. That fight was awesome. NEXT! Oh wait, buttons...hmmm...must push buttons...

Worker Sterling wants to battle! (OH MY GOODNESS! ARCHER?!?!?!)

Archer sends out Sandile!

Go! Dill-Bill!



Archer sends out Drilbur!

DRILBUR USED SLASH! Ouch. Not too nice if I do say so myself...still green though...

DILLY IS CONFUSED! DILLY USED BUBBLEBEAM! Nice hit! But...not quite an awesome health left?!?!

DRILBUR USED SLASH! Dangit, down to yellow!!!

DILLY SNAPPED OUT OF CONFUSION! WHOOO! DILLY USED BUBBLEBEAM! Buhbye Drilbur. Buhbye (oh how I wish I could've caught one of you...) So, we have defeated Archer, er, Sterling, and have moved onto the next battle! After, of course, pushing some more buttons...:D

Worker Don wants to battle!

Don sends out Krokorok...what a name...

Go! Mr Swirly!


MR SWIRLY IS CONFUSED! MR SWIRLY USED ICY WIND! Super effective, but not enough to kill em...dang...


KROKOROK USED CRUNCH! Dangit, Swirls is down in the red! Errrrg!

Come back, Mr Swirly! Go! Grady!

KROKOROK USED EMBARGO! Dangit, so maybe Swirls could've done the job...

GRADY USED VINE WHIP! Bada-bing. Easy enough I'd say...cough...anyways, two Poke's are about to die, so time to heal up! Push some more buttons, and...

Clerk Katie wants to battle!

Katie sends out Drilbur!

Go! Mr Swirly!

DRILBUR USED ROCKSLIDE! Crap, down from full health into the bueno...

SWIRLS FLINCHED! Well, double crap. Huh.

Come back Swirls! Go! Grady!

DRILBUR USED DIG! dug a hole...well, nothing else to do but...


DRILBUR USED DIG! 15 damage. Meh.

GRADY USED VINEWHIP! Well. Anybody guess what happens next? Yup. You're right. Game freezes and now I have to go to bed instead of continue. Noooooo...that's not true. The Drilbur is dead! Yay! So...what is next on the agenda then..? Ooooo...more buttons...dangit these buttons lead to Clay. But I'm supposed to fight all the trainers! Let us double back...

Clerk Isaac wants to battle!

Isaac sends out Sandile!

Go! Grady! That's right, I'm done messing around...

GRADY USED VINE WHIP! Wait...that didn't kil in one hit?!?!

SANDILE USED EMBARGO! Wow. Good choice. I guess?

GRADY USED VINE WHIP! One down, two to go...wait, what? Grady is at level 32?!? And now knows Leafblade?!?! WHAAAT?

Isaac sends out Palpitoad!

GRADY USED THE NEW MOVE LEAFBLADE! Now, that's more like it! One hit KO! Even if it was super STABED (haha, blade...).

Isaac sends out Sandile! Alright, let's try this again...OH WAIT! Intimidate..that's why it didn't OHKO earlier...hmmm...

GRADY USED LEAFBLADE! OHKO this time...mwahahahaha!, is that everybody..? One last sweep...yup. Okay, time to go heal up one last time, and onto Clay!!!!...well, here we go...

Clay wants to battle! Well...I honestly wanted to but...

Clay sends out Krokorok!

Go! Dill-Bill!

KROK USED TORMENT! Oh nos! Nows I can only uses ones moves once in rows!

DILL-BILL USED AQUA RING! Let's hope this isn't a repeat of earlier events...

KROK USED SWAGGER! Crap. That really blows. Come on Dilly!!!

DILLY IS CONFUSED! DILLY USED BUBBLEBEAM! Alright! Into the low yellows! So far alright!

DILLY SNAPPED OUT OF CONFUSION! DILLY USED AIR SLASH! Whooo! One down, two to go! Wait, what's this..?

Clay sends out Excadrill! Go big or go home, huh?

Come back Dill-Bill! Go! Grady!

GRADY USED LEECHSEED! This is realy all I can count on...

EXCADRILL USED BULLDOZE! Oh goodness! in the green still, but speed is reduced...could be a problem...

EXCADRILL USED HONE CLAWS! As I mentioned, problem...hmmmm...

GRADY USED LEAFBLADE! BAM! Down in the mid yellow. OH WAIT! Low yellow after being leeched!

EXCADRILL USED ROCK SLIDE! CRITICAL...HIT..? What?!?! NO! GRADY!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Oh my Arceus! Grady is dead?!?!? WHAT NOW!??!?! Oh, no, wait, a few more HP left. Haha nevermind!

GRADY USED LEAFBLADE! Whooo! Down goes the Excadrill! That was too close for comfort...I didn't realize his highest went up to level 31, I need to be better trained for the next gym I suppose, because that was WAY to close for comfort! I have grown way too attached to my little snakey poo...

Clay sends out Palpitoad! Crap. Do I keep Grady out because...well, Grady could OHKO it? But Grady has lost a lot of speed...erg...

Come back Grady! Go! Karl! Time for some irony...

PALPITOAD USED AQUA RING! Well, that cuts part of my plan..


PALPITOAD USED MUDDY WATER! Dang, that hurt a lot! Still green though, but dang loss of accuracy?!?

KARL...MISSED! Well poopy. And then there is a burn, which does quite a bit, and Aqua Ring, which still leaves some damage, so hmm...desperate...

Come back Karl! Go! Gerburge!

PALPITOAD USED MUDDY WATER! Eh, 30 damage, nothing terrible. Same affects take place, still a small chunk of health missing. OKAY! NOW FOR NEW PLAN!

GERBURGE USED ACID SPRAY! Not very effective, didn't count on that...crap, either way special is lowered greatly!

PALPITOAD USED BULLDOZE! Ouch, super effective, didn't think of that, dang I'm getting sloppy! Gerburge lost...21 health. Huh. Well, let's see what happens here...


GERBURGE USED SLUDGE BOMB! Again, not very effective, but brings em down into the yellow finally! Whoo!

Come back, Gerbuge, Go! Karl!

PALPITOAD USED MUDDY WATER! IT...missed?!?!? Am I actually catching a break here?!?!?

KARL USED HEX! Another break?!?! A CRITICAL HIT?!?!?! YET ANOTHER BREAK?!?!?! THE BATTLE IS WON! WHOOOO! That, that was too close for comfort on tooooooo many levels. Almost three pokemon died? That's not good news. Either way though, no friends died this day, so we are happy. It is in fact time to move onto our next challenge, which really isn't all that awesome but we'll be okay, but for now I can at least say I have 5 badges! YEA! And nobody has died for a looooong time! I'm feeling pretty good...