Pokemon Black/White Version Cheats For DS

  1. Birthday Cake Prop

    On your birthday go to the Pokemon Musical and talk to the owner upstairs He'll give you the birthday cake prop.

    Code Effect
    Pokemon Musical Birthday Cake Prop

    Contributed by: MYRMSquishy 

  2. Sky Drop Glitch

    This glitch works in Double and Triple Battles, and is extremely crippling to whoever is the recipient of its effects. When someone is using Sky Drop and Gravity is used while the two Sky Dropping Pokemon are in mid-air, the two Pokemon will be forced back to the ground. However, the target of the Sky Drop move will not be able to do anything, as if it was still up in the air: at the same time, however, it can be hurt. In other words, it is now a completely unfunctioning Pokemon whose only purpose is to be KO'ed.

    Contributed by: KeyBlade999 

  3. Move First During Trick Room

    First note that Trick Room reverses the turn order in battle by speed: for example, Pokemon with 200 Speed move before those with 300 Speed in Trick Room. However, there is a way to bypass this if you are using faster Pokemon. By using moves such as Agility that multiply the user's Speed, you can outspeed those in Trick Room. You will need to have an effective Speed stat of 1809 or higher to do this: that means your Speed must be quadrupled (raised six stages, like 3 uses of Agility).

    This, however, can only be done with Ninjask and Deoxys's Speed Forme, even with this maximal boost in Speed, a Speed-boosting Nature, and maximum IVs and EVs in Speed. The use of a Choice Scarf opens this up to many more Pokemon, however: with a Choice Scarf and Speed that is raised six stages, any Pokemon with 302 Speed or more can make use of this glitch.

    Contributed by: KeyBlade999 

  4. Birthday message

    If you play the game on the birthday you have set in your DS system's settings, when you talk to the nurse at a pokemon center she'll ask if it is your birthday. If you reply "YES" she'll tell you happy birthday.

    Contributed by: MikanPachi 

  5. Birthday Weather

    If the day is your birthday on the DS, Routes 14 and 15 will be clear of mist for you to enjoy the scenery.

    Contributed by: Gameflamemaster 

  6. The Relocator

    In the second floor of the Name-Rater Services Building in Castelia City talk to the scienctist. He'll talk about a special machine that needs a password to be used the password is the same for unlocking Mystery gift in the other versions. He tell you that you can now use the relocator which is needed for all the pre-launch event pokemon to be moved to the black / white verison for the zoroark / zorua event as well as to get the lock capsule which lets you get the final TM - TM95 Snarl

    Code Effect
    Everyone Happy Simple Connection (password) Relocator

    Contributed by: Shugo-kun 

  7. National Dex

    Code Effect
    Beat the Elite Four once and upon leaving your house after the credits Professor Juniper's Dad will reward you with a National Dex. National Dex

    Contributed by: MBBDarigon 

  8. Trainer Card

    The color of your Trainer Card changes as you complete certain objectives.

    Code Effect
    Deafeat the Elite 4 Color Change
    Get a 49 Streak in both Super Single and Super Double Subway lines in the Battle Subway (Good Luck) Color Change
    Obtain all Entralink Powers Color Change
    Obtain all Pokemon Musical Items Color Change
    Complete the National Pokedex Color Change

    Contributed by: Mr_visari 

  9. New Wallpapers

    You get new wallpapers for beating the elite four for the first time, and then some more when you beat them the second time.

    Code Effect
    Beat the Elite Four twice. Wallpapers

    Contributed by: Fred_VII 

  10. Pokedex Diplomas

    Complete the conditions below, then speak with the Game Freak director in Castelia City. You will be acknoledged for having completed the regional or National Pokedex, and then a diploma will be sent to your home for further viewing.

    Note, however, that the Pokemon Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Deoxys, Manaphy, Phione, Shaymin, Darkrai, Arceus, Victini, Keldeo, Meloetta, and Genesect do not matter for this.

    Code Effect
    Catch all Pokemon in the Unova regional Pokedex Unova Pokedex Diploma
    Catch all Pokemon in the National Pokedex National Pokedex Diploma

    Contributed by: KeyBlade999 

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