Not as bad as they say.

User Rating: 8.1 | Pocket Pool PSP
Let me start by saying that I like this game. Not for the unlockable photos or videos (some of them are pretty good though), but because it's a decent pool game. Yes, the AI in the game seems to have an uncanny knack at making five rail bank shots one moment, and then missing a simple straight in shot on the next. Yes, the angles can be a little difficult at times to make your shot with. Yes, an auto save feature would of been nice. I think the other people for some unknown reason though are just being unfair. In the "official" review, he said that there are much better pool games to be had on other formats, and that this effected his outcome. What the heck does that have to do with this game. A review for a game on a peticular system, should be just that. Yes, there are better pool games availiable out there for different systems that are better. How many of them are available for the psp though. You can't compare apples with oranges just cause you've had both, and think apples are better. That's not what a review for a specific game should be based on. A majority of the "review" was spent talking about the game in comparison to others, about how the models looked in comparison to internet web site and underware catologs. This is just wrong man. Rank the game for what it is, and the system it's on. I drive a rig for a living, and was trained on some of the most advanced computer simulated environments to date. It ran on components that would make todays major consoles look terrible. Do I compare any videogame I play now on that representation. No, that would be unfair. Nasa had a hand in creating the driver simulation. The ps2 or the xbox 360, or a pc has a heck of a lot more processing power, and people developing on that type of hardware for a lot longer than they've been working with the psp. Don't judge every woman in the world on a super model, and don't judge every game on whichever system you like best. Do the words impartal review, mean anything to gamespot. Pocket pool, if taken for what it is, on the system it's on, is a fun game. I've put probably 40 hrs into the game, and am still enjoying it. All games have their faults, this one is no different. All things considered though, you will not find a better game of pool on any other handhold out there today. This is what matters. Not how often the reviewer looks up adult sites on his computer. Buy the game, you won't regret it. I don't.